Engines of Our Ingenuity

Episodes 1 to 49

Note: As of early 1999, all these episodes (originally taped in 1987) had been rewritten as new episodes. The reason for doing this was that the original tape reels had begun flaking and the and I feared that the audio versions of this material might otherwise have been lost. I have linked to the updated versions at the end of each script.

No.49: Hidden Technologies
No.48: Pins
No.47: Moment of Inertia
No.46: 16th Century Clocks
No.45: Fahrenheit
No.44: The Parachute
No.43: Amerigo Vespucci
No.42: Radar
No.41: Frankenstein
No.40: Money
No.39: Blanchard
No.38: Window Glass
No.37: Flying Across the Atlantic
No.36: The Erie Canal
No.35: The Influence of War
No.34: The Redoubtable DC-3
No.33: Perpetual Motion
No.32: Wright and Langley
No.31: The Last Masts
No.30: 1776
No.29: Windmills
No.28: First American Steam Engine
No.27: Vannevar Bush's Differential
No.26: Three Field Crop Rotation
No.25: Crawler Transporter

No.24: The Wheel and the Crank
No.23: The Vacuum Tube
No.22: Iron
No.21: Zeppelins
No.20: Wheat and Farming
No.19: The Crystal Palace
No.18: Poets View the Ind. Rev.
No.17: Brunel -- Father and Son
No.16: Homo Technologicus
No.15: Telegraph
No.14: John Fitch
No.13: Dionysius Lardner
No.12: Some Etymology
No.11: Arc Lights
No.10: The Medieval West
No.9: Cistercians
No.8: Pittsburgh in 1816
No.7: Fokker
No.6: Jouffroy
No.5: The Pendulum
No.4: Rumford
No.3: The Flying Monk
No.2 The Computer
No.1: Oliver Evans

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