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The University of Houston is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for the campus community, where hazardous chemicals are used in a wide variety of operations and activities. The Chemical Safety Program in EHS directs its efforts at assisting the University in identifying chemical safety hazards and managing them through materials substitution, the application of engineering and administrative controls, the use of personal protective equipment, and laboratory surveys and training programs.

Contact EHS for assistance or to report any chemical safety concerns which you may have.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The University of Houston Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) establishes a formal written program for protecting laboratory personnel against health and safety hazards associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals and must be made available to all employees working with hazardous chemicals in a laboratory setting. The CHP describes the proper use and handling procedures to be followed by faculty, staff, and all other laboratory personnel working with hazardous chemicals in laboratory settings. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed by contacting EHS.