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EH08: Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Awareness

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) exposure can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. This training is intended to reduce the risks associated with using HF in research, teaching, medical applications and maintenance activities. HF is often used in laboratories to clean surfaces, remove minerals and dissolve oxides, and it may be used by masons and glaziers for the same purpose.

This training covers health hazards, regulated exposure limits of HF, engineering controls to prevent exposures, safe use practices, personal protective equipment, waste disposal, hydrofluoric acid spill and emergency response. 

This training is mandatory for all UH personnel who work with or may be exposed to hydrofluoric acid in the workplace, including those working in research, clinics, teaching laboratories, shops and facilities services.

To register, please log in to the web-based registration system for EHLS training and select EH08 as the desired course. 

Additional HF Resources

In addition to the training, EHLS recently developed an HF Fact Sheet and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template. Both are posted on the Chemical Guidelines & SOP Templates section of this website. The PI or lab manager may adopt and modify the SOP to comply with the requirements of the UH Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

Difficulty Registering?

If you have difficulty using the web-based course management system or registration system, we are still here to assist you in your endeavors. Please take a look at the Instructor-led Training Schedule to see if the course is offered in-person, or contact us to request accommodation for a web-based course. Instructions for off-campus access and resolutions of common issues are available.  You can contact us via email or phone at (713) 743-5858.