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EH05: Chemical Spill & Hazardous Waste Procedures (non-laboratory training)

Online training course that covers the procedures for the collection, storage and disposal of biological, chemical and radioactive waste generated on campus outside of laboratories.  This course also describes appropriate steps to be taken in event of a hazardous material spill in the workplace. 

You should take EH05 if you work in: 

  • Chemical stockrooms not supporting laboratories (like research stores, or university stores- they are considered to be non-exclusive)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Machine shops
  • Print shops
  • Commercial photo processing
  • Power plants
  • Locations not owned by UH, or not part of the Laboratory Waste Program

If this applies to you, please log in and select EH05 as the course you would like to take. Instructions for off-campus access and resolutions of common issues are available

Who should take EH05L (a different course, exclusively for laboratories): Laboratory personnel and personnel working in other areas determined to be "laboratories" by EHLS. This includes: 

  • Teaching and research laboratories
  • Art studios (including printmaking) for the teaching of art
  • Photography laboratories for teaching photography (or those exclusively supporting research, like developing film from field research)
  • Diagnostic laboratories that exclusively support teaching hospitals (including optometry and pharmacy teaching)
  • Areas supporting these functions like chemical stockrooms and preparatory labs (exclusively supporting one of these functions)