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EH01: Respiratory Protection


This course is mandatory for anyone who is required to wear an air purifying cartridge type respirator, or a N-95 dust mask respirator.  The on-line training covers the basic principles of respiratory protection, medical requirements and fit testing.

To register, log in to our web-based course management system and select EH01 as the course. After completion of the didactic portion of this training, contact information will be provided to schedule your required fit test. Only once the evaluation section of this training has been completed can an individual receive his or her fit test. 

Difficulty Registering?

If you have difficulty using the web-based course management system or registration system, we are still here to assist you in your endeavors. Please take a look at the Instructor-led Training Schedule to see if the course is offered in-person, or contact us to request accommodation for a web-based course. Instructions for off-campus access and resolutions of common issues are available. You can contact us via email or phone at (713) 743-5858.