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Difficulty Accessing Training

Currently some web-based systems used by EHLS are only accessible on campus or via VPN while not on campus. It is also possible that a component campus may not have a recognized IP address, which is the factor used for on-campus and off-campus determination by the software. If you are off campus, please use UIT's VPN page for instructions on connecting via VPN. If you are on-campus and connecting through a university-owned internet connection, or at a component campus and require access, please follow our instructions for access requests below. 

Access via VPN

UIT has compiled a list of instructions and links to download the required software to connect to the campus-based network via VPN. While instructions are available for Windows and Mac OS clients, some of the settings are duplicable on other operating systems. These custom configurations are not supported. Please follow the UIT instructions

Component Campus or Unrecognized IP Address

If you are attempting to access the software from an on-campus internet connection, or are at a component campus, and are unable to access the software, you'll need to provide some information and make the request via email. Please determine your externally-visible IP address, you can do this by performing a Google search for the phrase "what is my ip?". You can send us this information as well as your name, department, and supervisor's contact information to request access for a component campus via email

Any Other Issues

We are devoted to safety throughout the University, and for this reason we provide alternate accomodations for training. Many of our online training are offered in-person or are available from computers on campus by request. We can manually perform registration for instructor-led courses if you are unable to log in to register yourself. Whatever your issue is, please email EHLS or call us at 713-742-5858 so that we can assist you.