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Safety Inspections

To help prepare for the upcoming inspection, please complete the following:

  1. Prepare or update a chemical inventory for each of your laboratories prior to the inspection. To ensure HAZCOM and NFPA regulation compliance, all laboratories are required to keep an updated copy of their chemical inventory on file, which must be made available to EHLS upon request. For each hazardous substance on their inventory, Below information must be indicated on the chemical inventory: CAS number, Chemical name, Location in the lab, Quantity, Receipt Date and SDS hazard statement. The specific information on any associated health or safety hazards must be made readily available to all Laboratory Personnel. Please follow the same format as the attached inventory form, then submit it in electronic form via email to EHLS.

  2. If you are approved for radioactive materials, x-ray machines, or lasers, please review your sublicense or sub-registration and prepare Amendments for additions and deletions as needed. Please update your radioactive material inventory paperwork prior to the audit.

  3. If you find chemicals or radioactive material that need discarding, or you have any hazardous waste, please fill out an online request for hazardous waste pick up at the EHLS website.

  4. Prior to the inspection, please send us the names of all persons (researchers, students, etc.) working in these labs. This will enable our office to verify their training status.

  5. Post in each lab if you have not already done so:

  6. Provide HAZCOM lab-specific training to all staff and students per the HAZCOM lab checklist FY13 and have signed copies available during lab audit. Lab-specific training may be provided by PI or designated lab personnel.

  7. Update laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/laboratory notebooks. These MUST be made available for viewing during the audit.

  8. Due to an increse in laboratory moves, please send an updated list of the location (bldg/rm#) of all laboratories for which you are responsible.

  9. Provide the number of fume hoods in your lab

If you have any questions, please contact EHLS. Pertinent forms are available below.