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Research & Lab Safety

In addition to the general safety topics presented, EHLS covers various aspects of laboratory safety.

Recommended Media

There is no way to make mandatory the depth and breadth of information required to impart a sense of safety into every laboratory worker, for this reason we have recommended safety and informational media. Many of these are from sources outside the University, so the specifics of their practices may need to be adapted to local rules and regulations, but in many cases the message is the same. Safety first. 

Experimenting with Danger - United States Chemical Safety Board

You always look both ways before you cross the street, even if you’ve crossed that street safely 100 times before; take the same approach with your lab experiments.

Please see the following case study about academic safety issues (YouTube), focusing on events at Texas Tech, Dartmouth, and UCLA lab accident as investigated by the Chemical Safety Board (USCSB). The goal of the case study was to identify the events that led to the accident and how the academic community can learn from this tragedy.  The video, presented by the USCSB can be found here.