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The University of Houston is not classified as an industrial facility and does not currently have its own storm water permit.  Industrial facilities typically, have part of their operations outside, and generally have specific storm water permits.  However the EPA also identified certain categories of activities, including construction, and mandated that storm water discharges from these activities were unlawful without a permit.  Since the University does not have an individual storm water permit for construction site activities, it follows the requirements of the TCEQ General Permit TXR150000 for Storm Water Discharges from Construction Sites. In addition, local municipal separate storm sewers (MS4s) operators that serve populations of 100,000 people or more were established to locally administer the permit program.  The role of the MS4s is to reduce the discharge of pollutants from construction activities as much as practical by management practices, control techniques and engineering methods.  The University currently follows the storm water management guidelines as set forth by the City of Houston, which is our MS4.  The City joined with Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, and the Texas Department of Transportation to form a joint task force called Clean Water Clear Choice. and they secured a regional storm water permit.  In the future this may change as more categories of storm water permits are phased in by the EPA and the University may elect to seek its own storm water permit.

For project managers, a checklist has been prepared for stormwater management. 

EHLS also hosts a map of major storm water outfalls for UH.