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Manuals, Policies, Procedures

Fire & Life Safety Code

Fire and Life Safety Code

General Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Area-specific Evacuation Procedures

Laboratory Construction Standard and Guidelines

EHLS Manuals

Biological Safety Manual

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs Guidelines

Regulated Waste Manual (new Hazardous Waste Manual)

Laboratory Safety Manual

Laser Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual

X-Ray Safety Manual

Pregnant Employee's Guide

Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Operation and Maintenance Plan

Chemical Recycling and Waste Minimization Plan

Confined Space Entry Manual

Hazard Communication Plan

Laboratory Fume Hoods Manual

Reproductive Health Manual

Respiratory Protection Manual

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Manual

Vehicle Safety

Standards Adopted by Reference

EHLS Policies

Radiation Safety Program Enforcement Policy

Bats on Campus

Magnet Safety

Visiting Researchers

Minors in Laboratories 

Observations/Tours of Labs

Cutting, Welding, Dust Protection

Open Flame Permit Policy

Tent Policy

Space Heaters

Temporary Food Dealers Policy

Food Safety Policy


Mold Procedures

Animal Use Areas Waste Disposal Procedures

Environmental Awareness Procedure

Food Safety Procedure

Tent Procedures for Tents over 10ft x 10 ft

Indoor Air Quality