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Forms and Permits


Asbestos Containing Material Checklist
Asbestos Closeout Checklist


Animal Sample Registration
Biosafety MUA Form
Hepatitis B Vaccination Form
Human Products Registration


Chemical Inventory Form
Chemical Swap Form
Chemical Standard Operating Procedure Template
Chemical Standard Operating Procedure Template (for animal users)


Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Permit Form
Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Monthly Log
Laboratory Equipment Safety Clearance Form
Visiting Researcher Application Form
Minors in Laboratories Application Form

General Radiation Safety

Radiation Badge Request Form
Pregnancy Declaration Form


Application for Laser Subregistration - Class IIIb and IV only
Laser Subregistration Amendment Form (docx)
Laser Subregistration Amendment Fillable Form (pdf)


Radioactive Material

Application for Radioactive Material Sublicense
Application for Use of Radioactive Material in Animals
Radioactive Material Sublicense Amendment Form (docx)
Radioactive Material Sublicense Amendment Fillable Form (pdf)
Transfer of Radioactive Material Form
Radioactive Waste Disposal form
Radiation Badge Request Form


Application for X-ray Machine Subregistration
X-ray Machine Subregistration Amendment Form (docx)
X-ray Machine Subregistration Amendment Fillable Form (pdf)


Temporary Food Dealers Application
Foodborne Illness Complaint Intake Form


Open Flame Permit
Tent Permit
Fire Alarm Permit
Fire Suppression Installation Permit
Welding, Cutting, Dust Production
Fire Protection System Shutdown
Pyrotechnics Permit
Construction Permit
Temporary Building Permit
Inspection Request