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WaitList for Course Registration FAQs

NOTE:  The College of Education does not use WaitList for all courses and reserves the right to move student WaitList positions at the college’s discretion.

What is the WaitList?  Waitlist allows UH Instructors to choose setup to assist in class section enrollment management.  WaitList setup creates a queue of students, who want to enroll into class sections, when the class is currently closed.  Student position in the queue is based upon who signs up first, second, third, etc.

Is WaitList available for all sections?  No, only certain sections have WaitList.  There is no requirement from the instructors to use the WaitList.

How does it work?  When students try to register for a closed section, and if WaitList option is in place, students will see links that allow them to choose to be placed on the WaitList queue. At the time students choose to put themselves in the queue, and the WaitList transaction is successfully processed, they receive a WaitList message that tells them that they are in the queue and what their position in the queue is. 

Does being on the WaitList mean I will be enrolled in the class?  No.  Students on the WaitList are only enrolled in the class IF a student currently enrolled drops.  The next student in queue will then be enrolled in the class and an email will be sent informing the student of their enrollment in that class.

The class I waitlisted has pre-requisites and/or co-requisites, what happens?    Requisite checking is done when you attempt to register for a waitlisted class.  If you have not satisfied the pre-requisite or co-requisite for the class, you will not be able to enroll or be waitlisted in the class.

What happens if I am already in the class, but want a different section/time/instructor?  Although you will be placed in the WaitList queue, you must first drop the section you are enrolled for before the process will not permit for a different section of the same class.  Review drop/enroll deadlines BEFORE making any decisions. 

What happens if I swap? Swapping is not permitted to get into waitlisted classes.  If you are in a queue for one class and have decided that you prefer a different class, you must drop yourself out of the queue and enroll in the second class. Review drop/enroll deadlines BEFORE making any decisions. 

When does the WaitList process stop running? 

  • Any Instructor may choose to stop using the WaitList setup, at any time. 
  • The ability for a student to add to a WaitList queue will end on the day before the start of the term.
  • Immediately after the last day for students to add to a term, as published in the Academic Calendar, the WaitList process will be run for the final time for the term.

My WaitList position changed.  What happened?  The college may change your WaitList position or drop you from the WaitList.  This is a departmental decision is based on many factors such as graduation needs, major requirements, etc..