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Program Structure

The following sections are included on this page:

Program Components

The Teacher Education program prepares teachers for EC-6, 4-8, 8-12, and EC-12 certification levels at both University of Houston Main Campus and at the University of Houston at Sugar Land. The Teacher Education program is organized into four phases:

  • Pre-Teaching
  • Developing Teaching
  • Student Teaching 1
  • Student Teaching 2


The entire Pre-Teaching semester is considered the application to the Teacher Education program. Potential candidates complete introductory coursework as part of cohort groups, observe classrooms at multiple levels and districts, and satisfy entry requirements, including formal application to the program. Coursework and field experiences are specifically designed to give candidates experience interacting with children in public schools throughout the greater Houston area in order to confirm their decision to become a teacher and to prepare for the prospect of a career in education. Candidates will begin pursuing a degree as a Pre-Teaching major, and once required program benchmarks are satisfied, candidates may apply to change their majors to the degree-seeking major Teaching and Learning.

Coursework: 15-16 credit hours

Field Experience: 1-day-a-week "rounds" of a variety of schools and districts around Houston and surrounding communities; primarily observation and some small group/individual student interaction.

Developing Teaching 

Developing Teaching is the first formal semester in the Teacher Education program.
Coursework builds on initial learning in Pre-Teaching, and candidates spend significant time in a school working with a cooperating teacher to assist with a variety of classroom tasks.

Coursework: 18 credit hours

Field Experience: 10 hours per week in schools; small group teaching and re-teaching, as well as other duties.

Student Teaching 1 and 2

Student Teaching is a full-year, full-time placement integrated with accompanying coursework. Student Teaching 1 and Student Teaching 2 are content-focused, allowing candidates to learn the most current methodology for teaching all content areas for which they will be certified, as well as performance-focused, immersing candidates in the real work of teachers in school settings. Candidates are supported in the schools by quality mentor teachers and trained site coordinators (University supervisors), supplemented by scheduled on-campus and online professional development and faculty and peer interactions.

  • coursework: 12-15 credit hours
  • four days per week in schools
  • one day per week taking methods courses at UH
  • If you are seeking a minor ieducation for secondary education (high school) or are a transfer student your coursework hours may differ

A second Student Teaching option for PB and Masters Certification candidates is the Internship program, an option for students who have completed all coursework with the exception of Student Teaching and are seeking full-time employment. This program is not an alternative certification program; it simply offers an alternative route to student teaching. The Internship Program is a total of two regular (Fall and Spring) semesters. During each of two semesters, students will enroll in six semester hours of coursework – a student teaching course and an Internship course. In order to be accepted to the Internship Program, students must secure their own full-time teaching position as a teacher of record at an accredited school. Once a student has been offered a position in writing from a school district, he or she will meet with the Certification Officer to apply for a Probationary Certificate in 122 Farish Hall.