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Mentor Teacher Training


Welcome Mentor Teachers! 

Amber Thompson
Director of UH Teacher Education, Amber Thompson.

This training site is designed with you in mind. We know that you are busy educators and have taken the additional, yet rewarding, responsibility of mentoring future teachers. Our hope is that this website will serve as a valuable resource for you and our PK-12 partners. We have designed this website to offer on-demand, timely and relevant updates on student teaching, policies, and procedures. 

Amber Thompson, Ed.D., currently serves as the Associate Chair of UH Teacher Education. She is an administrator, educator and liaison between the university and PK-12 school partners. She specializes in working with partner school districts, coordinating outreach efforts, and growing partnerships with community agencies and other universities.

Mentor Teacher Training

Mentor Teachers of student teachers are required by the State to complete mentor training. In order to receive credit towards this requirement, please review the PowerPoint Presentation below as well as the Code of Ethics. Then, complete and submit the online survey to receive completion credit.

Training Materials