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Cohorts and Section Numbers

The following sections are included on this page:

Registering for Courses

During your Teacher Education Program, courses are arranged in cohorts. A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period; in this case the cohorts were designed so that you would register for a specific group of classes with the same group of people for the semester.

Please review the cohort list for your certification area found below and select the one that fits your schedule best. 

There are approximately 20 seats in each cohort. Make sure you register for ALL the courses within the same cohort.  For example, if cohort 1 fits your schedule best, you will need to register for ALL 6 courses (16 semester hours) within cohort 1. 

For capacity purposes it is important to not take courses within more than one cohort (For instance, CUIN 3316 in cohort 1 and ELED 3320 in Cohort 2). To ensure smooth operations, the program will review all course enrollments, and if students have registered “across” multiple cohorts, those students may be dropped. Please select all of your courses from the same cohort.

Field Experiences

Certain days need to be set aside for time in the field. Pre-teaching students have a one day a week field experience requirement whereas Developing Teaching students are required to complete two days a week in the field. When planning for the spring, make sure to account for the days you are in class as well as for the hours when you will be out in schools (approximately 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on your field day).

Cohorts and Section Numbers List

  • Pre-teaching EC-6
  • Pre-teaching 4-8
  • Pre-teaching 7-12 & EC-12
  • Developing Teaching EC-6
  • Developing Teaching 4-8
  • Developing Teaching 8-12
Note: Cohorts for Student Teaching 1 and 2 are hidden and will be sent upon approval to the program. Please contact the teacher education office at for information about cohort sections.