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Academic Advising

The following sections are included on this page:

You should schedule a meeting with your education advisor in 160* Farish Hall to file your official degree or certification plan after completing one semester of the program and then every semester thereafter to have your questions answered and to ensure that you will meet all required benchmarks as you advance through the Teacher Education program. In fact, Teaching and Learning majors will have an automatic registration hold placed on their accounts every semester that can only be lifted by their advisors once they have met for that semester. Degree plan templates are found in the Teacher Education Online Handbook under Degree and Certification Plans for your planning purposes only—they are not intended to facilitate a “do-it-yourself” program!

Note: For advising information for teachHouston, please see the program website at

How to Contact an Education Advisor

You will be assigned an advisor once you are accepted into the Teacher Education program. We suggest you remain with this same advisor throughout your program. Your advisor will know you and any special circumstances you might have. If it becomes necessary to change your advisor for a personal reason, you may submit a petition to do this.

Education advisors are located in the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Farish 160*.

You can easily make an appointment with your assigned advisor through PeopleSoft under the Advising tab or visit during drop-in advising hours. Drop-In advising is acceptable for shorter, simpler needs, such as quick questions or petition drop-off, while full, scheduled appointments are best for more involved issues, like degree planning or complicated individual dilemmas.

Secondary students should see an education advisor for questions related to their education minor, but will also need to remain in regular contact with their advisor in the college or department of their major. 

Graduate students should see an education advisor for questions related to certification, but will also need to contact a graduate advisor for advising related to their graduate degree apart from the certification coursework.

*Education suite in Sugar Land, if applicable

Teaching & Learning Advising Information

Future High School Teachers

If you would like to pursue an undergraduate degree with certification at the high school level (Grades 8-12) or in Art or Music (Early Childhood-12th grade), you must major in the subject that you want to become certified to teach and may pursue a Minor in Education. You must also successfully complete the Teacher Education Program. Please see the departmental advisor for undergraduate requirements. All advisors are located within the academic department of your degree.

Communicating with your Education Advisor

A strong and honest relationship between you and your academic advisor is an important ingredient in your success as a student. The Teacher Education program entails many coursework, degree, and benchmark requirements that must be completed in a timely sequence. Missing any of these steps could set you back significantly in your pursuit of certification. So, in fact, your advisor should be seen as your advocate—the very best person to help assist you in maneuvering through the program successfully.

You should make yourself as knowledgeable as possible about the program and your specific degree requirements—not knowing or saying, “My advisor never told me,” is not an excuse! It is a good idea to keep all of your degree and advising information together in an Advising Folder so that you can stay organized and in control of your progress. Make a list of questions you have prior to your appointment, and take notes at any meetings with your advisor. At the end of the meeting, review your notes with your advisor to make sure you understand all that was discussed. At any time that you do not understand a requirement, a benchmark, or something your advisor has told you, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with your advisor right away, while there is still time to clarify your understanding and take proper actions to keep you advancing forward toward your goal of graduation and/or certification.

Sugar Land

The College of Education partners with UH Sugar Land to offer courses for the undergraduate Teaching and Learning program, specifically for those pursuing the early childhood through 6th grade generalist certification. For more information, please contact the Teaching and Learning advisor responsible for your name listed on the academic advising schedules page.