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Spring 2019

The Dangers of High Stakes Testing in Social Studies
Russell Hammack and Elizabeth Wilson

Breakout and Escape Room Instructional Methods in History Education: A Critical Analysis
Lauren G. Santarelli

Supply and Demand Storytelling: Preservice teachers and critical consciousness in economicsThe Need for Anti-Islamophobic Classrooms
Neil Shanks

American Art: Foundations of American Identity and Character
Robert L. Stevens

Educational Thought of N. W. Senior
Satoshi Fujimura

Framing Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in a Local to Global Context
Cameron White

August 2018 Vol 2 No. 2

Fostering Global Citizenship Education Through Reflective Practice
Keri Myrick

Thematic Videoconferencing and 3D Memorial Design in History Education
Julie Anne Taylor, Quan Neloms and Robert Vaillancourt

The Need for Anti-Islamophobic Classrooms
Saira Siddiqui

Selling Biography: An Opportunity Cost of Using Biography to Teach World
Eliel Hinojosa, Jr. and Rachel K. Turner

Making a Space for Elementary Social Studies in the Maker Movement
Ronald V. Morris

Global Education in the Modern-day Classroom
Leslie Ukandu

March 2017 Vol 2 No. 1

Reflective Questions from a First Year Social Studies Teacher
Ronald V. Morris

Fractured History and Geography: An examination of why students choose "wrong" words to write and talk about social studies topics
Lynn M. Burlbaw and Margaret A. Price

Enhancing Cross-cultural and Global Perspectives among Educational Leaders
Liping Wei and Cameron White

When Children are Left Behind: The Social Education of Disability Studies in the Trumpian Era
Bernardo Pohl

Respecting the dignity of each learner in culturally-relevant pedagogy: A person-centered learning approach
Gang Zhu

Evaluating the Intersection of Politics and Program Evaluation
Ashley L. Schlafly

Challenging Traditional Assumptions in Social Education
Cameron White

September 2016 Vol 1 No. 2 

Studies in the Social from the Margins: Deweyan Considerations for Practice
Ali H. Hachem

American Idealism: A New Deal Synthesis in Art
Jared A. Fogel and Robert L. Stevens

Social Education for the Disabled: Standing at the Margin of Social Justice
Bernardo Pohl, Jr.

An Investigation of Elementary Teacher Candidates’ Pedagogical and Content Knowledge of the Social Studies Curriculum
Crystal Hughes, Elsa Diego-Medrano, and Susan Nix

Teaching Government Whistleblowing through Deliberative Discussions
Eric D. Moffa

Successful School Turnarounds Using Transformational Leadership
Frank Cisneros

“Urban” Education in the 21st Century: A Critical Approach through a Social Education Lens
Cameron White

October 2015 Vol 1 No. 1 

The State of Elementary Social Studies Education in Texas
Jose Maria Herrera

Professional Development and Teacher Learning: The Advanced Placement® World History Reading Experience
Linda Jones Black and John Leonard

Meet Me at the Flagpole: Thoughts about Houston’s Legacy of Obscurity and Silence in the fight of Segregation and Civil Right Struggles
Bernardo Pohl

A Growing Storm: Depression Art of Seymour Fogel
Robert L. Stevens

Historical Thinking: Analyzing Student and Teacher Ability to Analyze Sources
Scott M. Waring Daniel A. Cowgill II

Internationalizing Social Studies and History Education: A 21st Century Imperative
Cameron White