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About the Department


The mission of our department is to advance scientific knowledge, effect real-world change, maximize student potential for global competitiveness, and enhance the quality and length of life in all segments of society.

This mission has three critical goals:

  1. Leverage both innovative research and academic excellence to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized degree programs - related to psychological, health, and learning sciences - that prepare a diverse student body to serve an increasingly diverse society.
  2. Build an interdisciplinary enterprise that advances innovative scientific inquiry and services that have a measurable impact on the elimination of global disparities in health and education.
  3. Lead in the advancement of Houston’s future by establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with local school districts; medical and mental health service agencies; and community-based organizations, coalitions, and stakeholders.


Engaging in innovative research and providing rigorous and pioneering programs of study that have significant social/educational impact and public health relevance.

Fostering robust mentoring relationships and providing exceptional undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare future professionals to solve real-world challenges and improve the lives of those they serve.

Sustaining strong long-term relationships that enable and enhance our collective impact on local, national, and international communities through our research, teaching, and service.

Valuing diversity and promoting social and academic inclusion to enrich learning, inform scientific inquiry, and facilitate the development and delivery of culturally-informed services within a uniquely diverse metropolitan context. Furthermore, this involves challenging structural inequities to reduce disparities and promote social justice locally and globally.

Fostering an educational culture that promotes collegiality, honesty, fairness, empowerment, transparency, and collective responsibility.