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UH4-8MMT - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is UH4-8MMT? 

UH4-8MMT is the University of Houston’s Texas State Board of Education Certification (SBOC) approved program for 4th – 8th grade Master Mathematics Teacher Certification.  Individuals who 1) successfully complete this program, 2) hold a teaching certificate, 3) have at least three years of teaching experience, and 4) pass the (4-8) Master Mathematics Teacher Certification Exam (TExMaT) are eligible for 4-8 Master Mathematics Teacher Certification.

What is the Master Mathematics Teacher Certification Exam?

The Master Mathematics Teacher Certification Exam is called the Texas Examination for Master Teachers (TExMaT).  Information about this exam, including a preparation manual for 4-8 mathematics, can be found at

Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply for the UH4-8MMT program if at the time of application you have been a practicing middle grades mathematics teacher in Texas for at least 2 years, you hold a current teaching certificate, and you intend to continue classroom teaching during the 18-month program.

When is the program offered? 

A new cohort begins each summer. There are 5 courses over 5 semesters, including Summer sessions, totaling 18 months (Su, F, Spr, Su, F). The summer courses will meet face-to-face over the long session, 2 ½ hours 2 evenings a week.  The Fall and Spring semester courses will meet 3 hours, face-to-face, one evening a week.

What are the 5 courses?

The courses are five graduate courses: CUIN 6397 (Developing Number Concepts), CUIN 7333 (Developing Algebraic Thinking), CUIN 6342 (Teaching Probability and Statistics Gr 6-12), CUIN 6340 (Teaching Geometry Concepts Gr 6-12); and CUIN 7340 (Issues in Mathematics Education). All five courses “count” for your 4-8MMT Certification and your UH M.Ed graduate degree.

Are the courses offered on-line?

No.  The 5 courses are face-to-face.

What will I need to apply for the UH4-8MMT program?

The application process has two steps.  First, you need to be a Curriculum and Instruction/Mathematics Education graduate student (M.Ed or Ed.D) (see Graduate Admissions for admission procedures). 

Can I be added to your ListServ?

Yes!  Please send us an email so we can add you to our UH4-MMT Listserv .

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

Please contact Shaunna Smith