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The University of Houston requires that doctoral students complete a period of full-time residency consisting of one academic year of continuous full-time enrollment. That is, students must complete contiguous Fall and Spring semesters with an enrollment of at least nine hours of coursework each. Students in the MQMLS Ph.D. program are required to take 9 hours in the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year to satisfy this requirement.

Professional Development Activities

In addition to full time enrollment, students in the MQM-LS Ph.D. program are required to satisfy a Professional Development requirement during their first year in the program.

Students are required to complete a separate Residency Report via MyAdvisor for the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year in the program that will serve to satisfy their doctoral residency/professional development requirement. Copies of this form are available online at MyAdvisor. These forms must be approved by the student’s academic advisor, the chair of the department, and the Dean or his/her designee.

Within the residency year (Fall and Spring semesters of the first year), the following professional development activities are required for doctoral students in the MQM-LS program. Activities completed each semester should be listed on separate Residency Reports for each semester. At a minimum, students should complete activities and list them on the first page of the Residency Report for each semester (approximately 15 activities or hours each semester). Students should consult with their advisor regarding selection of additional activities that will augment their academic preparation in scholarship, teaching, and service, such as attending presentations of scholarly speakers at the University of Houston or elsewhere (e.g., Rice University, the Medical Center, in the community), assisting other doctoral students with data collection, etc.

  1. Attendance at one defense of a candidacy research proposal in PHLS Department.
  2. Attendance at one defense of a candidacy research final paper in PHLS Department.
  3. Attendance at one defense of a dissertation proposal in PHLS Department.
  4. Attendance at one defense of a dissertation final paper in PHLS Department.

Additional activities that satisfy the residency requirement include:

  1. Attendance at a local, state, or national conference that pertains to education, psychology, or a relevant social science. The sessions attended may be listed as additional activities.
  2. Attendance at the Houston Symposium for Research in Education, sponsored by the PHLS Department, when it is offered.
  3. Membership in the PHLS Graduate Students Organization.
  4. Student membership in a professional organization (e.g., American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association, etc.).
  5. Workshops and seminars offered by MD Anderson Library in Excel, endnote, writing etc.
  6. Research and teaching talk/colloquium