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Students can apply for the Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (Comps) after they have successfully defended their candidacy research projects. Students must successfully complete the doctoral comprehensive examination before being allowed to register for the dissertation.

The Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences (MQM-LS) doctoral comprehensive examination utilizes an online portfolio approach to allow students to document their curriculum, research, teaching, and other relevant professional competencies.

During the course of their doctoral studies students attain competencies from coursework and various academic experiences. The portfolio format was adopted in recognition of the fact that publications, conference presentations, teaching experiences, grant writing skills, consultant experiences, and various professional development competencies are crucial to obtaining faculty and professional positions after graduation.

Successful completion of the portfolio process will serve to satisfy the College of Education requirements for the doctoral comprehensive examination. The policies and procedures for the portfolio doctoral comprehensive examination format are presented in the Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences Ph.D. Program Handbook. To submit portfolio documents and receive feedback, please visit the Comprehensive Exam Portfolio Submission website.