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Golden Paw Employee of the Month

Any member of the UH community can nominate any full-time employee within the DSAES to receive The Golden Paw. This award seeks to recognize the fantastic work being done year-round as we promote and maintain student success. Nominations are due by the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Selection Committee and Nomination Tips

The Golden Paw Employee of the Month Selection Committee is comprised of: members of the DSAES Executive Leadership Team.

Some tips for completing nominations for the Golden Paw include:

  • Did they do something for move-in in August that went above and beyond? Did they exceed expectations in supporting students during finals in December? Tell us WHY they should be recognized for their hard work!
  • Anyone (students, faculty, staff, etc.) can nominate a full-time employee for this award – you do not have to be in the DSAES to help recognize someone!
  • If the person you nominate does not win the award, their nomination will be reconsidered for up to 3 months. If you choose to nominate them again, you can do so again in the future! Employees may not win the Golden Paw Employee of the Month Award more than once a year.
  • All nominees will be notified of their nomination before the official announcement.

Nomination Form