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Marketing and Communications

The Student Affairs Office of Marketing and Communications assists the departments and units within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services in the development of effective integrated marketing plans for a wide variety of events and programs. We will guide your department through the process of telling our stories as an extension of our brand promise.

The purpose of branding is to manage all of the institution's communications (print and electronic) so the look and feel sends a consistent message. Branding a university is much more than a name, logo, or tag line; it's a promise. Our promise is extended to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, donors, and the general public. As marketing and communication professionals, we support the UH brand strategy and will incorporate it within our own marketing materials.

With a focus on the University’s brand, the Student Affairs Office of Marketing and Communications will assist in raising awareness and interest in your programs and services, as well as increasing engagement and attendance.

We will collaborate with you regarding your unit's overall marketing and strategic direction. It is an interactive process where the mission, vision and values are merged with gathered data to produce individual action plans to accomplish future marketing goals and objectives. A sampling of this process includes:

  • Assisting with the incorporation of assessment tools in your marketing efforts (before, during, and after).
  • Brainstorming innovative and creative marketing ideas for your programs and events that will meet the needs of today's students.
  • Identifying potential opportunities for marketing collaboration with other units.
  • Developing a marketing plan — a marketing framework designed to enable and inform your marketing strategy.

Please note that it is the intention of this office to provide advisory services regarding the formulation of marketing plans, strategies, and tactics. While we are happy to provide you with advice and feedback, it is the requesting department's responsibility to oversee the execution and implementation of marketing tactics.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It’s an emotional, intuitive reaction. It’s the meaning that surrounds the company, product, or service. The foundation of a brand is trust – our audiences trust our brand when their expectations are consistently met or exceeded.

The 5 C's of building a brand are listed below:

  • Create a clear, consistent message
  • Confirm credibility
  • Connect emotionally
  • Convince the consumer by building trust and exceeding their expectations
  • Results in: Concrete consumer loyalty

Setting Goals

Every good marketing brand and strategy starts with these simple questions.

  • Who are you?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you do and why does it matter to your audience?
  • What is your goal?
  • What is your call to action?
  • What do you want your audience to do?

Marketing Plan

Every good marketing plan includes:

Goal(s) and/or Objective(s):

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • SMART Goals: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely.

Example: To increase student attendance at event X by 10% for FY15 as compared to FY14.

Target Audience Definition

  • Who needs to "hear" your message in order to accomplish your goal?
  • Demographic characteristics: Age, gender, ethnicity, location, etc.
  • Psychographic/lifestyle characteristics: Like going to movies, spend time on Facebook, works out regularly, music majors, etc.

Example: Current UH students between the ages of 18-22 who live in the residence halls. They are active in social media.


  • What are the best ways to communicate your message to your target audience?
  • Strategies are typically broad in nature, as they identify the major communication vehicles or marketing mediums that are the most relevant to your audiences (and your budget).

Examples: Print ads, CoogTV, social media, outreach events, website, etc.


  • What are the specific action items needed to implement each of your marketing strategies?
  • Tactics are specific in nature, as they identify the "who, what, when, and where" for each marketing medium.

Strategy: Social Media

Tactic #1: Post an announcement about Event X on UH DSA’s Facebook page on the first of every month.
Tactic #2: Tweet an announcement about Event X on Student Housing & Residential Life’s account every Tuesday afternoon.
Tactic #3: Create a video about event X to post on the Campus Recreation YouTube channel.


  • What is your overall budget to execute your marketing plan?
  • Typically, projected budgets are broken down by strategy and/or tactics.

Actual expenses for each tactic should be tracked for return on investment (ROI) evaluation and future planning purposes.

Implementation Timelines

  • Each tactic should include an internal deadline for staff to complete the work.
  • As applicable, document the publication, distribution, or "go live" dates for each tactic.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)? (i.e. site traffic, post clicks, retweets, etc.)
  • Identify the methods for measuring the overall success or return on investment (ROI) of your marketing plan, which should correlate to your goals and objectives.

Example: To track attendance, students will complete a registration form at the beginning of Event X.

  • As applicable, identify the methods for measuring the success rate or ROI for each tactic.

Example: The registration form will ask students to identify how they heard about Event X.


Marketing and Communications

Marketing Assessment

Campus Marketing and Communications Resources

There are many ways for you to reach your target audience(s) and encourage them to participate in your programs and events. While the list below is not all-encompassing, it provides the most accessible and visible options for our campus community.

When you promote an event, make sure you include all essential information such as event title, location, time, registration instructions, sponsoring department and contact information. Please note that some of these resources take up to a week to get information posted, printed or distributed, so plan accordingly.

Important note: ALL items with a UH logotype or word-mark must adhere to the UH graphic standards. A confirmation of approval from University Marketing is required for final printing/distribution.

UH Calendar of Events

To submit an event to the main UH calendar, please use the form on the Submit an Event page.


Electronic newsletter distributed to all students every Monday during the fall/spring semester, and typically every other Monday during the summer. Content is due Fridays by 5 p.m.
Students are not able to unsubscribe. Staff and faculty are able to subscribe.

Digital Screens

Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS)

  • Contact: David Ranschaert
  • Primary audience: CAPS Visitors and students
  • Slide format: PowerPoint, jpg or png in a 16x9 format
  • Updated: As needed
  • Submit via Email to David

Student Housing (Bayou Oaks, Cougar Place, Cougar Village I, Cougar Village II, Moody Towers, The Quad, University Lofts)

  • Contact: Teeba Rose
  • Submit images via Email to tgrose@Central.UH.EDU
  • Primary audience: Residents
  • Slide format: 1920 X 1440, JPG in a 16x9 format
  • Updated: Weekly

Student Center and Student Center Satellite

  • Contact: Lauren Ellzey-Adams
  • Primary audience: UH Community
  • Standard Digital Screen (located in and around the Student Center North & South)
    • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 72 DPI
  • Indoor Marquee (located above Starbucks)
    • Dimensions: 7680 x 2160 pixels @ 72 DPI
  • Outdoor Marquee (located in front SC Circle Drive)
    • Dimensions: 132 x 66 pixels @ 72 DPI
  • Updated: As needed; will work with requestor.
  • Submit via online form

Bauer College of Business – Melcher Hall

  • Contact: Amanda Sebesta
  • Primary audience: Business students
  • Slide format: jpg or png in a 16x9 format
  • Updated: Weekly; need 1-2 weeks’ notice to update
  • Submit via Email
  • Additional information about Bauer’s screens can be found here

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
(5 screens - Science & Research 1 (2), Science & Research 2, Fleming, Science Teaching Labs, PGH)

  • Contact: Kathy Major
  • Primary audiences: Students, faculty, staff
  • Slide Format: jpg or png in 1080P (1920x1080 pixels)
  • Updated: Weekly
  • Submit via Email

College of Education – Farish Hall

  • Contact: Jaime Questell
  • Primary audience: Students, faculty and staff
  • Slide Format: png or tiff image; 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi
  • Updated: As needed

M.D. Anderson Library

  • Contact: Esmeralda Fisher
  • Primary audience: Students
  • Slide Format: 1920 x 1080 pixels, jpg
  • Updated: As needed
  • Submit via Email

Moody Towers Dining Commons

  • Contact: Alexcis Mendoza
  • Contact:
  • Primary audience: Current students living on campus, commuter students, faculty and staff
  • Slide Format: jpg or pdf format; 1080px X 1920px (portrait)
  • Updated: Weekly
  • Submit via Email

Cougar Woods

  • Contact: Alexcis Mendoza
  •  Contact:
  • Primary audience: Current students living on campus, commuter students, faculty and staff
  • Slide Format: jpg or pdf format; 1920px X 1080px (landscape)
  • Updated: As needed.
  • Submit via Email

Honors College

  • Contact: Martha Hayes
  • Primary audience: Honors College students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Slide Format: 1920 by 1200 pixels, jpg
  • Updated: Roughly every 2 weeks/as needed

Engineering Building 1 & 2

  • Contact: Rachel Knudsen
  • Primary audience: Engineering students
  • Slide format: landscape, dimensions are flexible, ratio of 16:9; pdf, jpg, and png files accepted.
  • Updated: As needed

College of Technology

  • Contact: Brandie Yale
  • Primary audience: College of Technology students and faculty
  • Slide format: 1920 X 1080, PowerPoint file
  • Updated: Weekly (need 1 week notice)
  • Submit via Email

UH Law Center – Student Commons

  • Contact: Ruth McCleskey or Baroness Adams
  • Primary audience: Students, staff
  • Slide Format: 1024 X 768 PowerPoint, preferably three days in advance of event
  • Updated: Daily (news items); some slides stay up as needed
  • Submit via Email

UH Wellness

  • Contact: Reuben Parrish
  • Primary audience: Everyone
  • Slide Format: JPG or PDF at 1080p× x 1920px (Portrait)
  • Updated: As needed
  • Submit via email

Center for Student Involvement Office

  • Contact: Kyonne Gibson
  • Primary audience: All students that enter CSI Office
  • Slide Format: JPEG image in 1920px by 180px for banner (large events only), and 1275x850 pixels for slide show
  • Updated: As needed

International Student and Scholar Services Office

  • Contact: Juanette Davis
  • Submit images via Email to:
  • Primary audience: Students
  • Slide format: 1920 X 1440, JPG in a 16x9 format
  • Updated: Weekly

University Career Services

UH at Sugar Land

  • Contact: Chamal Reyes
  • Primary audience: Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors
  • Slide Format: JPG, PNG or PDF at 1920px × 1080px
  • Updated: As needed
  • Submit online

UH at Katy

  • Contact: Chamal Reyes
  • Primary audience: Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors
  • Slide Format: JPG, PNG or PDF at 1920px × 1080px
  • Updated: As needed
  • Submit online

The Cougar (Print Weekly. Digital Daily.)

  • News releases: Contact the news desk with your news tip, story idea or press release at (713) 743-5314 or
  • Advertising: Click here, call (713) 743-5340, or email
  • To submit an event, call 713-743-5462 or email
  • For additional marketing support from the Center for Student Media, including CoogTV (Student Video Network) and CoogRadio, please call 713-743-5350.

Social Media

UH Branding

UH Brand Guidelines

Student Organizations

Design & Printing

The following UH offices offer design and printing services:

*To receive permission to post yard signs, contact the Student Center Reservations office at (832) 842-6168.


Photography & Digital Assets

  • UH Download Zone:
    • UH logos
    • Social media profile images
    • Photos
    • UH branding fonts
    • Icons
    • Templates
    • UH-branded PowerPoint slides
  • Center for Student Media
  • Individual Photo Release Form
  • Group Image Release Form
  • Photography/videography in the libraries: We have many requests from students and others in the community who want to take photos in the library, such as for a course assignment, etc. and we have an approval process in place in order to minimize disruption to those studying in the Libraries. The request form and more information is available online.