Membership Roster - University of Houston
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Membership Roster

Varselles Cummings, Co-Chair Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Keith T. Kowalka - Chair Student Affairs and Enrollment Services-Student Life
Kabree Braggs Student Housing and Residential Life
Anneliese Bustillo Women and Gender Resource Center
Michael Crook Center for Student Involvement
Sarah Flores Student Centers
Jamie Gonzales University Career Services
Ja'Nelle King Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life
Norma Lara-Cisneros Campus Recreation
Jodi McDougal Student Housing and Residential Life
Kimberley Monroe Campus Solution Services
Tamera Nevels Student Centers
Ayodele Ogunye University Career Services
Reuben Parrish UH Wellness
Tina Powellson Center for Student Involvement
Nicole Robinson Health Center
Jessica Rubinsky UH Wellness
Lorraine Schroeder LGBTQ Resource Center
Kimberly Shaw Student Centers
Monica Thompson University Career Services
Andrea Trevino Student Centers
Laura Zavala-Membreno Counseling and Psychological Services