Implementation Plan - University of Houston
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Implementation Plan

Year One (2020-21)

  • Develop a common language and talking points around the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as what the division is doing to support these values; work towards the greater articulation of the “why” behind the importance of diversity and inclusion work.
  • Explore the creation of a DSAES-wide multi-year plan for diversity, equity and inclusion. Similar to the DSAES Strategic Plan, it is suggested the Division consider a series of long-term goals around diversity and inclusion, and what needs to be done to accomplish individual and collective goals.
  • Develop and implement implicit and explicit bias training for search committee chairs and members, as well as task forces and workgroups of the division.
  • Create a consistency plan/guideline for the DSAES hiring process with special attention to bias trainings, accommodation offerings (e.g. breaks for breastfeeding mothers, golf cart transportation for candidates with physical disabilities, back-up plans if technology is inaccessible), appropriate ways to determine D&I competencies of all candidates, and how to recruit from diverse populations (e.g. affinity group listservs).
  • Create a Diversity and Inclusion Champion program. Departments will create a liaison that will connect to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to bring opportunities and education back from the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Navigation improvements to the Division website would enhance the Division’s value of Diversity and Inclusion, and the programs we offer in this area; Develop a division-wide calendar of Diversity and Inclusion education, including future opportunities from the DSAES Diversity and Inclusion Committee, as well as other diversity-related departments within the division to increase staff awareness and involvement in opportunities.
  • To ensure D&I is a priority for the Division, develop an online tool kit on the DSAES website that includes training modules, case studies and other educational content that may be used for department staff meetings, retreats and student training experiences.
  • Expand diversity and inclusion education (programs, workshops, webinars, etc.) for DSAES staff.
  • Design and distribute a follow-up survey for staff and Graduate/Instruction/Research Assistants to gather additional information related to identities within the Division and ways the Division can support these varying identities
  • Develop an organizational structure and budget to continue to broaden the work of diversity and inclusion for division staff.
  • In partnership with the Professional Development Committee’s New Staff Orientation, create ongoing Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) sessions for new staff joining the DSAES community within their first six months of employment.
  • Highlight the university’s diversity statement on the DSAES website.
  • With the MarCom Committee and/or the DSAES Director of Communications, conduct an annual photoshoot to increase the pool of diverse images in order to enhance the accurate representation of our student body.

Year Two (2021-22)

  • Implement implicit and explicit bias training for all staff across DSAES.
  • Add a section within departmental annual reports and assessment plans to highlight Diversity and Inclusion assessment and accomplishments.
  • The DSAES Diversity and Inclusion Committee could consult with departments on action planning around growth and action planning to increase diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for departments.
  • Once a Divisional newsletter resurfaces, ensure Diversity and Inclusion educational content is included in each edition; highlight staff members who are actively volunteering in the Division (committees, task forces, workgroups, etc.).
  • Develop a refined Diversity and Inclusion communication strategy to highlight the positive work that individuals and departments are doing in this area.
  • Create a culture in DSAES where staff, particularly front line and office staff, are empowered to attend diversity and inclusion programs, with accountability measures.
  • All leadership should participate in coaching or other forms of professional development related to diversity and inclusion.
  • With the MarCom Committee and/or the DSAES Director of Communications, develop diversity and inclusion training for staff involved in the creation and approval of communication and marketing materials on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure that Diversity and Inclusion is addressed in all DSAES staff’s annual e-performance document in some way (goals, responsibilities, competencies); update all DSAES job descriptions to include experience with diversity and inclusion is preferred.
  • Develop strategies to elevate work-life benefits that already exist at UH (wellness leave, flu shots, office ergonomics, office space, telecommute, flexible workweek, etc.).
  • With the MarCom Committee and/or the DSAES Director of Communications, improve division-wide marketing efforts by utilizing a Diversity and Inclusion lens and aligning marketing with Diversity and Inclusion goals.
  • Share outcomes of DSAES/CDI assessment data specific to Diversity and Inclusion to the Division and the campus community.