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Summer 2018

Data Science Bootcamp


Engineering, business, science, politics and many others heavily utilize data for decisions making. Several topical, rapidly evolving and powerful data analysis techniques, designed to be comprehensive, with a gentle learning curve, have become available. A knowledge of these tools and techniques provides a competitive advantage: nowadays “Data Scientist” is the number one job posted in all HR systems. The DSI Data Science Bootcamp aims at providing an overview and a basic hands-on experience of some of the most popular data science methods and tools publicly available. Instructors will guide participants in the use Python to analyze data, create meaningful visualizations, and leverage statistics by using powerful machine-learning libraries such as Tensorflow. A taste of the programming language R for statistical computing will also be provided as well as the opportunity to work with some tutorials implemented by NVIDIA for accelerated computing data research.


Data Science and You


What is data science? What does it take to have a career in this field? Data science is quite broad and many opportunities are available not only to data science professionals, but people with less specialized knowledge in the field. The number of data-science-related jobs is expected to increase to nearly 3 million by 2020. With such a promising outlook, it is important for students to gain knowledge about data science and learn how to begin their journey down this exciting career path. The UH Data Science Institute is pleased to announce the offering of Data Science & You, a series of three-part workshops this summer. By attending one or more workshops attendees will…

Explore the true meaning of data science: What is it? How difficult is data science and uses in society

Presenter: Andrey Skripnikov, PhD graduate from the University of Florida, currently serving as a postdoctoral associate at the University of Houston. He also writes a weekly sports analytics column, By the Numbers for the Daily Cougar.

Hear from data science professionals about the nature of the work, career possibilities and opportunities and the rewards (financial and otherwise) of a career in this field.

Participate in hands-on presentations with Jupyter notebooks which will demonstrate data science activities such as data import and cleaning, data analysis and interpretation and visual communication. No prior background in data science or programming is required 

Every workshop hosts different data science professionals working in diverse areas and is available to all interested parties, but undergraduate students are especially encouraged to attend. Workshop topics include public policy, law, business, life sciences, engineering and health and are hosted at the CBB room 118 from 1-4:30 p.m. through the summer. Due to limited seating, please RSVP