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Campus Leaders Ceremony

The University of Houston Campus Leaders Ceremony, hosted by the Center for Student Involvement is an opportunity for the university community to recognize top student leaders, individuals, organizations, and programs. There are over 20 awards that are presented to individuals, organizations, and events.

All nominations once submitted (and found to meet requirements) are distributed to the Campus Leaders Ceremony Selection Committees that determine the final award recipients.

Activities Funding Board (AFB)

The Activities Funding Board (AFB) is a subcommittee of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). AFB is a student-run financial entity that allocates a portion of student service fees to “activities” funding for RSOs.

AFB allocates funds only to RSOs, not individuals. Funding is for:

  1. Programs on the UH main campus
  2. Attending conferences off–campus that relate to student organizations mission.

AFB works on a reimbursement basis; funds are reimbursed only after the program or conference has taken place. AFB may pay directly for the following on-campus charges: The Daily Cougar ads, UHPD (security) and Student Center A/V charges and room rental.

Student organizations interested in receiving funding from the Activities Funding Board can find more information their website to begin the process. Student organizations are required to turn in allocation request forms at least four weeks prior to the on-campus program or conference.

Organizations may request a maximum of $3000 per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) for programs and conferences. There is a cap of $1000 for conference funding, $600 for program-related advertising ($300 per event), and $1,000 for program-related food and refreshments ($500 per event).

Student organizations receiving funding from the Activities Funding Board must comply with the University student travel policy MAPP 04.02.04.

Additional Funding Sources

Coca-Cola Donation Fund

Coca-Cola has the exclusive rights to the University of Houston in relation to beverage service. In order to help student organizations, Coca-Cola provides a limited amount of free drinks to groups. The policies related to the donation fund can be found at Beverage Donation Guidelines.

The fund is only open once a school year to RSOs. While there is not a cap on how many drinks a RSO can request, it is based on expected attendance at the event. Organizations are strictly prohibited from selling the beverages.

In order for an RSO to be eligible for this fund, the RSO must complete the event registration process (regardless of location on campus). The student organization must also complete the request on the Auxiliary Services. RSOs must request the beverages at least a full month prior to the event.

Banking- TDECU

The University of Houston does not provide banking services to registered student organizations. Organizations are encouraged to establish a bank account to help with finances. Organizations can choose to open an account with any banking institution such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

TDECU  which operates a branch in the Student Center will set up a checking account for registered student organizations. Student organizations must have a memorandum from the Center for Student Involvement, an Employer Identification Number through the Internal Revenue Service and between 2-3 listed top officers as co-signers on the account in order to open an account.

Students can contact the TDECU branch in the Student Center at (800) 839-1154 or visit the location at Student Center South entrance.


CreationStation provides services to faculty, staff, students, and student organizations relating to graphic design and production. Some of their services include: design, t-shirts, printing, fax, buttons, dry mount & lamination, balloons, and passport photos.

CreationStation offers competitive pricing for University of Houston students and student organizations for printed materials. For more information, visit their website, contact them by phone at 832-842-6200, or visit them in the Student Center, located in the Basement level next to the Monumental Staircase.

Carrel and Storage Space

Registered student organizations at the University of Houston are eligible to apply for carrels and storage space through the Center for Student Involvement and the Student Center. RSOs can apply for and receiving space through an annual review process. The Student Center North houses 106 carrel spaces for RSOs as well as 82 storage lockers. Information about applying for carrel and storage space is distributed in the spring semester, and the application form is available during your Organization Registration Application.

E-mail Accounts

Student organizations that are interested in getting an e-mail account may pick up a form at the Center for Student Involvement or download the “Sponsored Student Organization Account Application” form on the University Information Technology. Please submit the form to the Center for Student Involvement, and we will sponsor the application.