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Organization Registration Process

Each April, student organizations are required to complete the organization registration process to become registered for the following school year.

The requirements to become registered are:

  1. Top three registered student leaders need to be currently enrolled University of Houston.
  2. The group will attend a required Orientation session with the Center for Student Involvement to become aware of university policies and expectations of registered student organizations.
  3. The group will view mandatory risk management videos, coupled with an in-person workshop, to train all student organizations on this topic as it relates to their activities.
  4. The group will file its name, constitution regarding its method of operation, faculty/staff advisor, and the names of its officers or contact persons with the Center for Student Involvement through Get Involved.
  5. At the time of filing through Get Involved, three officers or contact persons for the organization will agree to a statement indicating that they are familiar with and will abide by the aforementioned responsibilities of student organizations. They will also agree to the standard hazing and discrimination disclaimer required of all student organizations.
  6. Having ascertained that the group’s purpose is lawful and within university regulations and that the group has filed the required forms and disclaimers, the Assistant Director of Center for Student Involvement, or designee, will approve the application. Appropriate university personnel are notified by Center for Student Involvement that the group is then eligible for all of the rights of student organizations.
  7. Should the staff feel that the organization does not meet the requirements for registration, notification of the decision and reasons will be furnished to the applying organization. The group may appeal the decision to the Dean of Students.
  8. Decisions of the University Hearing Board may be appealed to the Dean of Students.


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are required to submit a constitution annually during the organization registration process. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) encourages student organizations to review and update their constitution on an annual basis.

The Center for Student Involvement recommends that student organizations include the following areas in a Constitution below. You can review a sample Constitution (.doc).

  • Name
  • Non Discrimination Statement and Hazing Statement
  • Officer
    • Positions
    • Eligibility
    • Responsibilities
  • Officer Elections
    • Voting Process
    • Eligibility to Vote
  • Officer Vacancies
    • Removal Process
    • Resignation
    • Filling Officer Vacancies Process
  • Meetings
  • Rules of Procedure

State Mandated Risk Management Education

Per State of Texas House Bill 2639/Senate Bill 1138, enacted by the 80th Texas Legislature, all registered student organizations at the University of Houston attend an annual Risk Management Education program. The top three student leaders – the three named on your organization’s registration – are required to participate in this educational program. RSOs that do not complete the required training will not be registered by the University.

Advisors are also required to attend a session covering the mandatory topics. Advisors who are University of Houston faculty and staff are required by law to attend, and community advisors are strongly encouraged to attend. Once an advisor has attended the training, he or she will not need to complete the training in subsequent years, unless there is a change in the state law.

The State Mandated Risk Management Education program provides students and advisors with information about alcohol and drug use and prevention, sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and response, fire and fire arm safety, safe travel, managing events in a safe fashion, and services for students with disabilities.

Advisor Requirement

Beginning in the 2013-2014 academic school year, the University of Houston required that RSOs have a faculty or staff advisor. The advisor must be a current benefits eligible employee of the University of Houston.

Here are three easy steps to getting an official advisor at the University of Houston:

  • Approach a faculty/staff member at the University and ask! You may want to find a faculty/staff member who has an interest in your organization. For example, academic organizations should try to find an advisor from the academic department. Organizations should also see if any faculty/staff members on campus have been a part of their organization in the past (i.e. fraternity/sorority, special interest, religious/spiritual, etc.).
  • Have your advisor contact the Assistant Director for RSO Services to receive Risk Managment Training.
  • Once you have found a faculty/staff advisor, have the advisor complete and submit the required advisor agreement to CSI for each academic year.​