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Blueprint RSO Diversity Institute

Blueprint: Building Inclusive Student Organizations

Blueprint RSO Diversity Institute

Join us for the BluePrint Diversity Institute in Fall 2022

Building Inclusive Student Organizations through a one-day leadership institute.
Co-hosted by the Center for Student Involvement and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion

The purpose of a blueprint is to help you see the big picture, the overall “architecture” of a design or process. Through your participation in the Blueprint RSO Diversity Institute, you will get to create the blueprint for your organization to make your Registered Student Organization more welcoming and engaging for your members.

Together we will:

  • Explore how personal identities and behaviors impact your experience
  • Learn about inclusive leadership styles and how you can use them in your organization
  • Create strategies to make your organization more inclusive

Blueprint is designed for a team of leaders from your organization to learn together and create your path to success as an inclusive organization. Up to three members from your organization can register for this institute. Each person will need to complete their own registration and include the name of the Registered Student Organization in the form.

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