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University Procedures

Event Registration

Steps for Event Registration

The Center for Student Involvement and the Student Centers are excited to launch the NEW Online Event Registration and Room Reservation process!

Student Organizations can now complete Event Registration exclusively online! Additionally, student leaders can also submit their reservations online as well. How does the new process work? We are glad you asked!

  • One of the top 3 student leaders should log on to their Get Involved account. *Must be currently registered and listed as a primary, secondary or financial officer*
  • Go to your organization’s Get Involved page and click Events.
  • Next Click Create an Event.
  • Fill out the information requested. As you answer questions about your event the system will generate your necessary forms. That’s right all required forms are embedded in the online Event Registration process! To ensure approval make sure you answer all questions completely.
  • Once you have completed the event registration form you will be taken to the “Thank You” page. Please note, at this point you have only completed the first step. Click the link that says, “Make your online space reservation request.”
  • You will need to have been set up with an EMS login. (If you have not been contacted about this account, contact the CARS office.
  • Complete your online space request.
  • You will be notified within 7 business days of submission by Student Center Conference and Reservation Services (CARS) on the status of your event reservation. Any large scale events, may take longer than 7 days. Please plan accordingly. If you make any changes to your reservation, please contact Student Center CARS immediately.

For an RSO to successfully plan and host an event, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Student organization plans their event
  2. Event Registration forms are completed on Get Involved.
  3. Student organization submits forms to SC Conferences & Reservation Services
  4. Student organization receives electronic conformation

If your organization makes a significant change to the event (such as number of attendees, date, time, or place) during the registration process, the organization needs to go back to the event on Get Involved and click Change Details.

If an organization decides to cancel an event after finishing event registration, the group should notify CSI as well as the appropriate reservations office. Events not cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the schedules start time could incur charges from the entities involved.

Student Centers Facilities Use Policies & Procedures – Reservation Cancellations & No-Shows

Programming Spaces/Reserving Spaces

RSOs have many spaces available to them for events and programs. The following departments are responsible for reserving the appropriate spaces. Please be aware that each department and respective spaces has their own policies and procedures.

Student Center Conference and Reservations Services Office (UC CARS)
Reserve these areas through CARS: Student Center, Student Center Satellite, outdoor locations, and classroom spaces

Student Center 271

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Student Housing and Residential Life

College of Education
Areas Responsible: KIVA Room in Farrish Hall

Alumni Center

UH Sports and Entertainment (Athletic facilities)

Cullen Performance Hall

Posting Policies

The University’s philosophy on the Posting Policy is summarized below. The full Posting Policy can be found at: Posting Policy and the Posting Flyer Information on outside University Kiosks Policy can be found at University Kiosks Policy.

“The University Posting Policy provides guidelines to accommodate the posting of flyers and the sharing of information while preserving the cleanliness, landscaping, lighting, visibility and essential utilities of the campus. The primary purpose of these guidelines is to support the events and activities of the university community, while maintaining a clean and safe environment at the University of Houston.”

General Posting Policies

  1. All materials must be sponsored or cosponsored by a registered student organization or a university department.
  2. All materials must include the full name of the sponsoring department or student organization, and all content must be printed or translated in English.
  3. Materials may not be posted on any undesignated areas, including doors, glass, walls, car windshields, or over previously posted materials.
  4. Materials may not include advertising for personal or commercial gain.
  5. Materials from other campuses, non-profit organizations or those not affiliated with the University which advertise student, university, or community programs and are cosponsored with a university department or registered student organization may be posted with special approval from the Director of the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).
  6. Failure by a student organization to comply with regulations in this policy may result in suspension of posting privileges for one semester (15 school weeks). Continuing to post while privileges are revoked can result in the suspension of the student organization.

Special Requirements for Posters and Flyers

  1. A "poster" as used here is any printed or pictorial matter displayed on university property inclusive of, but not limited to, flyers, table tents, etc.
  2. Posting is permitted on general university bulletin boards. Use of departmental or special area boards requires that permission be obtained from the related office.
  3. All general University bulletin boards are cleared before 2 p.m. on the first and third Friday of each month.
  4. Poster size cannot exceed 14 inches by 22 inches.
  5. Only one posting per event, idea or product is allowed per bulletin board.
  6. The University may remove and discard any posters displayed on campus property which are in violation of these policies.
  7. With prior approval from Student Housing and Residential Life, signs may be posted within designated areas in university residence hall locations by Student Housing and Residential Life staff members. Poster size in the residence halls may not exceed 8-1/2 inches by 14 inches and all materials can be dropped off in the Housing Services office, located on the ground floor of Cougar Village II. (Questions, please call Student Housing and Residential Life X36000).
  8. In case of shortage of bulletin board space, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) shall assign priority and determine removal date.
  9. The Director of the Center for Student Involvement may, in certain instances, authorize extended posting periods for certain items of an academic or administrative nature. Items approved for extended posting must be stamped by CSI. These are the only postings that will not automatically be removed on the first and third Friday of each month.

Outdoor University Kiosks Policy

  1. Flyers are posted on university kiosks on a first come, first served basis and should not be hung where they cover up any previously posted current materials, unless the previously posted material is past the date of the event advertised. The university will clear all posting locations on a bi-weekly basis of all past dated or “as needed” documents.
  2. Flyers shall not be hung in a manner that causes damage to university kiosks or creates a safety risk.
  3. No more than one flyer for each event shall be placed on the university kiosk. Note: “Wallpapering” the university kiosk is not permitted.
  4. The student organization, department, or individual posting the flyer to a university kiosk is also responsible for removing the flyer in a reasonable time frame.
  5. Past dated, damaged, and any flyer information remaining on university kiosks at the end of a semester will be removed by Facilities Management Grounds, which reserves the right to charge for the cost of removal (if excessive) and any associated repairs to university kiosks.
  6. All postings placed in unauthorized locations will be automatically removed and discarded/recycled. Outside organizations to University of Houston may not post to any campus unauthorized locations; these postings will also be removed and discarded/recycled.

UH Logo Use Policy for Student Organizations

An additional privilege given to registered student organizations is the use of the University of Houston logo. This policy is governed by the University of Houston Marketing and Communications. Any student organization or event should refer to this chart for information on the brand review process.

UH student organizations and intramural sports teams/clubs are a vital part of the UH campus community. They serve as bridges that connect students to national organizations outside of UH. It is important that both the national organizations and UH community identities are represented as distinct and equal. An example: If a student organization is a chapter of a national professional organization then both the identities of UH and the professional organization needs to be recognizable within the context of that student organization’s materials.

These guidelines will help student organizations display the UH brand separately from that of their national organizations. All UH student organizations are required to follow these Graphic Standards when using UH logos, symbols, branding and intellectual property.

  • UH student groups are required to follow all UH Graphic Standards that apply to UH students, whether specifically or implicitly. It is important to remember that the UH name, logos and other elements of the UH brand are registered and trademarked property of the University of Houston that are made available to students to use, just as library books and other resources can be borrowed or rented to help students achieve their goals. Upholding the policies stated in the UH Graphic Standards help insure that these resources maintain their integrity over time.
  • UH student groups should follow UH Graphic Standards that guide the use, placement and appearance of the University of Houston name, logos, symbols, and other intellectual property.
  • As with any other group or individual using UH logos. UH student groups should refrain from integrating, attaching or combining the University of Houston name or logo with their organizations’ logo, initials, or other symbols. An organization’s logos, initials and symbols may include, but not be limited to, Greek letters, crests, mascots, etc. Each logo can appear separately on a single communication, marketing, or promotional piece.
  • When using the University of Houston name, logos, symbols, and other intellectual property, UH student groups are required to use licensed vendors to print and produce items bearing UH logos. You can find a list of vendors licensed with LRG by visiting the "vendor-list" page on the LRG website and searching for "Houston".
  • To receive the appropriate logo files for projects that don’t require a vendor, UH student groups should request them from the Director of Student Affairs IT Services and Special Programs (832-842-4845) in the Student Center. In some cases, the student organization may need assistance from the Director to help them submit an Intellectual Property Use Permission form to request use of UH logos.
  • When using the University of Houston name, logos, symbols, and other intellectual property, UH student groups are required to submit final proofs, preferably in PDF format, to as part of the brand review process.

E-mail Accounts

Registered student organizations are eligible to receive a UH e-mail account through the University Information Technology department. Student organizations that are interested should contact the Center for Student Involvement to begin the process of establishing an e-mail account.

For more information, please visit the University Information Technology page about Sponsored Accounts.