Definitions - University of Houston
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  1. AFB: Activities Funding Board. A subcommittee of SFAC, AFB provides funding to RSOs for events that are open to all student and conference travel RSO’s: Registered Student Organization. Student organization that has completed the registration process at the University of Houston and is able to utilize University facilities and support.
  2. CARS: Student Center Conference and Reservation Services. The office where students, faculty, and staff can request to reserve space in the Student Center, outdoor space, and classroom space for meetings and events.
  3. CCA: Council for Cultural Activities. A student fee–funded organization that promotes cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion at the University of Houston by supporting cultural and diversity-related registered student organizations and events on campus.
  4. CFSL: Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life. The office that advises the social Greek-letter organizations on campus and the five Greek councils.
  5. CSI: Center for Student Involvement. The office that provides support to the registered student organizations, advises some of the fee funded organizations, and provides leadership and civic engagement programs.
  6. CSM: Center for Student Media. The office that advises The Cougar, the Student Video Network, and Coog Radio.
  7. DOS: Dean of Students’ Office. The office that manages student discipline. Signatories on several event registration forms, including the Alcohol Permit, the University Sponsorship form, and the Freedom of Expression form.
  8. DSAES: Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. The division that houses the Student Center, student organizations, and more.
  9. Fee Funded Organizations. Registered student organizations that receive additional support, including student activity fee dollars, from the University of Houston because they provide a service to all students.
  10. MAPP: Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures. The compilation of policies and procedures for the staff and departments of the University of Houston.
  11. MVP: Metropolitan Volunteer Program. Fee funded organization that coordinates volunteer opportunities on-and-off campus.
  12. SFAC: Student Fee Advisory Committee. Student led committee that reviews and recommends annual allocations of student fee dollars.
  13. SGA: Student Government Association. Fee funded student organization that serves as a liaison between the students and the faculty/staff and administration. Elected representatives appoint students to University committees that have oversight for nearly all aspects of the University. Composed of three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. Elections are held annually in late February.
  14. SPB: Student Program Board. Fee funded student organization that does entertainment-based activities, including comedians, bands, novelties, movies, and special events. Annually hosts the Winter Wonderland tradition that takes place the first week of December.
  15. SVN: Student Video Network. Fee funded student organization that programs original content for Channel 6.
  16. TC: The Cougar: Fee funded student-run daily electronic and weekly print student newspaper. Founded with the University, The Cougar is the oldest continually running student organization on campus.