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Dance Marathon at University of Houston

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What is Dance Marathon?

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a student-led movement benefitting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals across North America. Dance Marathon at the University of Houston is one of over 400 Dance Marathon programs run by students across the country.

Students involved in DM at UH will spend a year gaining leadership, teamwork, and nonprofit business experience while raising funds and awareness for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Locally, Dance Marathon at the University of Houston supports Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) right here in Houston, Texas! All fundraising efforts and participants come together at the end of the year for a main celebration - a 6 hour Dance Marathon! From 4-10 PM on April 22nd, 2022, UH students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as sponsors and TCH families and employees, will come together to dance, watch performances, compete in fun challenges, and grow together in community at the Main Event.


April 22, 2022

Countdown Until Dance Marathon






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