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If you did not already know, Dance Marathon hosts several events throughout the year and culminates to the 6-hour main event. The fulfillment you receive after completing 6 hours of dancing, listening to survivor's stories, reflecting on those who have passed, and fighting for a cure is unbelievably rewarding.

Dance Marathon gives you time to reflect upon the children who have passed, the children who are still fighting, and the survivors who share their stories. The event spreads awareness about the impact Texas Children’s Hospital has each day, and allows you to give back by helping to support the kids and their families. This is our time to be there for them. When you are not reflecting or listening to speeches, you are dancing and participating in activities and games. The time is filled with live entertainment such as a DJ, local bands, and university dance and theater groups. The 6 hours will go by faster than you know! This event is something that everyone at the University of Houston should experience, and donate to. If they can fight, we can dance.

This year's Dance Marathon will take place on April 23rd. Sign up here!

Check back soon for information on our special events taking place this spring!