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Campus Cleaning Protocols

To protect public health and safety, the University of Houston adheres to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting when a person diagnosed or tested positive for COVID-19 has been on campus.

The cleaning after a positive diagnosis protocol is in addition to the normal and enhanced cleaning practices employed by the University.


  1. Case is Reported
    Individual self-reports his or her positive COVID-19 status to the University through the online Reporting COVID-19 Diagnosis form.

    Note: Users are encouraged to input complete and accurate building names and room numbers so that the areas can be found and cleaned promptly. Failure to do so may delay the process. Please only list buildings and rooms that you have been in for 15 minutes or more.

  2. UH Facilities Services is Notified
    If the individual has been on campus within the last 3 days, University of Houston Facilities Services (FS) is automatically notified to begin the cleaning after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis protocol.

    Note: FS receives positive COVID-19 case notifications 24-7. Notifications received after business hours and on weekends are acted upon as quickly as possible. However, they may experience a delay in the execution of the protocols if additional details or location information is needed.

    In accordance with CDC guidelines, if the individual’s date of last activity in a facility was greater than 3 days, no additional cleaning or disinfection is required. Learn more about the CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facilities guidelines.

  3. Affected Areas are Identified and Closed
    FS contacts the designated building coordinator(s) to schedule cleaning of the spaces and dispatches technicians to place appropriate signage and secure the area. In some cases, departments notified of a potential positive COVID-19 case may have already secured the area.

    • FS may request assistance from the building coordinator to identify the room or spaces that need cleaning and disinfection when the location information is unclear.
    • The building coordinators will notify the point of contact responsible for the spaces that will be closed for cleaning. 
  4. Professional Cleaning Crew is Deployed
    FS schedules the COVID-19 cleaning contractor, and the area is cleaned and disinfected per CDC cleaning guidelines. 

    The cleaning contractor is a professional cleaning agency that specializes in disaster response cleanups and CDC protocols for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection.

  5. Affected Areas are Reopened
    After cleaning, the area is given a two-hour settling period to ensure the efficacy of the cleaning and disinfection solutions. Following the two-hour settling period, FS removes the signage and the area is reopened for use. The designated building coordinator is notified.

Contact Us

For questions regarding COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure protocols, please contact the UH COVID-19 Coordinator at or the UH COVID-19 Case Support Help Desk at 832-842-6843.

University of Houston has implemented numerous, enhanced cleaning and safety practices to lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure and its spread. With expert health and safety advice based on CDC guidelines and protocols, we’ve worked tirelessly to adapt our campus to protect your health.


Social Distancing

Classrooms, campus housing, dining and common areas have been reconfigured to allow social distancing. Signage has been added throughout campus and at all elevators as reminders to maintain 6 feet of distance. Remote learning and work are being maximized to minimize physical interaction.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitization

We have increased the cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as doors, handrails and restroom fixtures. We are performing monthly application of a biocide on work surfaces.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at entrances, elevator lobbies and other key areas throughout buildings. Sanitizing wipes and/or disinfectant spray are in classrooms and departments for use on hard surfaces.

Cleaning After a Positive Diagnosis

Classrooms, instructional spaces, offices and other known areas used by an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 will be secured as necessary, to prevent further use until these areas are cleaned and disinfected by crews specially trained on CDC protocols. More information on the university’s cleaning response to a positive case can be found on Cleaning After a Positive Case.

Student and Employee Cleaning Responsibilities

Students and employees should keep personal items, work and living spaces clean. The use of shared objects (lab equipment, computer equipment) is discouraged and should be limited and cleaned between each use. Individuals should wash their hands before and after using shared objects.

Restroom Enhancements

Restroom fixtures are being replaced with touchless faucets, touchless soap dispensers, touchless paper towel dispensers and foot pulls door openers.


Facilities/Construction Management regularly inspects building ventilation systems for proper operation.

Water Systems

Students and employees are encouraged to bring their bottle and utilize bottle filling stations where available. Water fountains may only be used to refill water bottles. To ensure the quality of the water system, Facilities/Construction Management has taken steps using CDC guidance to ensure that all water systems and features (sink faucets, drinking fountains and decorative fountains) are safe to use after a prolonged facility shutdown.

Student Housing Safeguards

In addition to increased cleaning, sanitization and space reconfiguration, Student Housing and Residential Life has strict limitations on guests and visitors. Rooms have been set-aside for quarantine/isolation of residential students who are unable to quarantine/isolate off-campus.

Dining Services

Plexiglas barriers have been installed in the dining halls and dining staff serve food to customers to prevent excess exposures. Dining staff adhere to daily wellness checks, use gloves and wash hands every 30 minutes. Mobile ordering options have been increased. Outside dining halls, restaurants and other retail locations are cashless.


Reservations are required to access the gym and masks are required when exercising. Wipe stations have been added with signage to clean equipment before and after use.

Mobile App

Our UH Go app’s new Coog Strong feature provides campus density information for social distancing, a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment tool and safe dining info.

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