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UH Center for Immigration Research (CIR) is pleased to announce we are accepting applications for the second annual graduate and undergraduate immigration research fellowships!

Undergraduate International
Immigration Research Fellowship
(Undergrad IIRF)

Graduate International
Immigration Research Fellowship
(Grad IIRF)

The International Immigration Research Fellowship (IIRF) aims to fund original research projects on topics related to immigration with the dual goal of supporting and encouraging student professional and academic development, and of generating research that highlights the uniquely diverse and global character of our university and the greater Houston community that it serves. 


The CIR awards one Undergraduate and one Graduate International Immigration Research Fellowship each academic year.  Undergraduate Fellows will receive an $800 research grant; Graduate Fellows will be awarded $1,200.  All Fellows will plan and carry out an original project under the supervision of a UH faculty mentor with the goal of producing a short research report suitable for publication on the UH CIR website.

Fellows will receive their financial awards in two separate installments, with half to be distributed at the beginning of the Fellowship period and the remainder awarded after submission and publication of the final report.


Competitive applicants for both undergraduate and graduate level support will propose a research plan that is well-developed, but realistic in scope, and which engages with topics related to human migration in either a U.S. or international context. Projects must be overseen by an appropriate UH faculty sponsor (someone familiar with the student’s work and research topic) and may utilize any research methodology or combination of methodologies including, but not limited to, surveys, interviews, content analysis, statistical analyses of original and or existing datasets, and examinations of primary-source historical data.  Regardless of specific topic or methodology, applicants will be expected to generate original research with the potential to advance scholarly understandings of human migration both generally and in their major field of study.

The CIR welcomes applicants from all academic disciplines, but preference will be given to projects that wholly or partially engage with the social, political, cultural, economic, or historical impact of migration on, or experiences of migrants in, the greater Houston community, or that have the potential to generate knowledge benefitting Houston-area businesses, social service and educational agencies, or community organizations.  

Undergraduate IIRF

Undergraduate students from the University of Houston who will be Juniors or Seniors during the academic year for which they are applying (beginning Fall 2017) are eligible for consideration.  Applicants must demonstrate a cumulative 3.25 GPA or higher on all coursework taken at the UH.  Transfer students who have been enrolled at the UH for less than one full academic year are also invited to apply, but must supply transcripts from their outside institution verifying a cumulative 3.25 GPA.

Graduate IIRF

The IIRF is open to all graduate students currently enrolled in an MA or PhD program at the University of Houston.  Applicants must demonstrate a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher on all coursework taken at the UH.  For students enrolled at the UH for less than one academic year, undergraduate or outside institution transcripts demonstrating a cumulative 3.5 GPA must be provided.   

How to apply:

Applicants must submit:

  1.  A proposal that that presents your research question, situates it within a concise review of the relevant literature, explains the methodology you will be using to gather the relevant data, and discusses the ultimate contribution you feel your project will make to immigration scholarship.  Proposals should not exceed three double-spaced pages (not including your bibliography, timeline, and other supporting materials) and be in 12 point, Times New Roman font with standard margins.
  2. A general timeline which includes projected deadlines for each major phase of the project, including finalization of research instruments (such as surveys or interview schedules) and/or sampling procedures, submission for CPHS review (if the student plans to do research involving human subjects), commencement of data collection, and submission of the final, publishable report. 
  3. A letter of recommendation from a UH faculty member willing to serve as your research mentor.
  4. Official transcript(s)
  5. Applicants for the Graduate IIRF should also include a copy of their academic CV.

Deadline:  Applications are due March 15, 2017 for support during the 2017-2018 academic year.  They must be submitted electronically to and should have 'IIRF Application' in the subject line.  Any supporting materials which must be mailed can be sent care of Dr. Jessica Brown, UH CIR, Department of Sociology, 483 Philip G. Hoffman Hall.