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Distance Education

Students that wish to pursue a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology through distance education should be aware of the following requirements before applying to the program:

1. Distance Education does not mean all courses are available through online instruction. While we do offer many psychology courses online, our degree is NOT an online degree. You must be aware of the course limitations and meet the requirements listed below before applying to our program and attempting to complete a Psychology degree online.

2. All upper-division courses required for this major are available through Distance Education, but spaces are limited. Some instructors require testing on campus or proctored through another educational testing center. The student should check with the instructor prior to enrolling.

3. It is highly recommended that all lower level courses for the degree be completed before starting any upper level courses. Currently, the distance education options are limited for all lower level courses.

4. A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology requires six hours of sophomore level Foreign Language. Currently, UH does not offer online Foreign Language classes. Therefore, students completing this degree online must finish this portion prior to beginning their last 30 hours at the University of Houston.

Please visit the Distance Education website for more information.