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What she was thinking

Psychology alum shares experience of graduating

This photo was submitted by Kim, who graduated in May with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She submitted the following text to describe what she was thinking when the photo was taken.

What she was thinking

"At that moment, I was overwhelmed by my excitement of finally being able to walk across the stage and to have completed my 4 year journey through college.   Besides my fear of tripping on the stage and the excruciating pain from my heels (I had literally tripped while entering the alumni center earlier), I was feeling anxious about my next journey in life:  graduate school.  I would be beginning my first semester of graduate school at the University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Clinical Psychology Master’s Program the next month.  I would be the second in my family to graduate college and the first to earn a Master’s degree.  I was thinking how proud I, my family, and friends were of my accomplishments thus far and how worthwhile my journey was.  I have made great friends along the way and, most importantly, my undergraduate experience has taught me a great deal about myself."