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Laboratory for the Psychological Investigation of Networking and Careers (PINC)

The psychological research in the PINC lab has three interrelated emphases. The first emphasis is on the investigation of work relationships (e.g., professional networking relationships, employee networks) and how these relationships facilitate positive (or negative) outcomes for individuals and their employers. The second emphasis is on the investigation of voluntary turnover and withdrawal processes from the perspective of both employers and employees. Finally, our research tends to investigate how individual differences (most often personality) influence work relationships, voluntary turnover, and career management.

Across these substantive areas, we also conduct research on psychological and behavioral assessments that are used for employee selection and development, including the assessment center method.

Finally, the research we conduct leverages a variety of research approaches, including laboratory experiments, field surveys, and archival data analysis.

Current Projects

Dr. Porter, her students, and collaborators have ongoing projects focused on understanding:

  • Motivations for professional networking
  • How employee networks influence turnover and creativity
  • Turnover and withdrawal processes, including job search
  • How work relationships facilitate the transition into a new employing organization