This year at the annual meeting for the Association for Research on Memory, Attention, Decision making, Intelligence, Language, Learning, and Organization (visual) (ARMADILLO), several of our research assistants presented posters.

Aakash Patel presented Early attention preservation in a context of the preferential paradigm (Patel, Lee, & Yoshida, 2018).

Laura Lay, Sofi Gonzalez, and Melisa Williams Ibora presented Socially Embodied Attention: Infants of Struggling Parents (Lay, Gonzalez, Williams Ibora, Deeter, Sharp, Duryea, & Yoshida, 2018)

K. Kelly Meine presented Development of Experimental Paradigm for Measuring Early Cued Attention (Meine, Whelen, & Yoshida, 2018)

Congratulations to them all!

Presenters at Armadillo 2018

Pictured from left: Aakash Patel, Melisa Williams Ibora, Laura Lay, Sofi Gonzalez, Hanako Yoshida, K. Kelly Meine