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Trauma Recovery Clinic

Clinical services, including teletherapy visits, are provided through the Trauma Recovery Clinic (TRC).

The TRC is accepting new clients on a limited basis.

Phone: 713-743-9453

The TRC provides comprehensive outpatient psychological evaluation and treatment services for adults who have experienced traumatic life events or who suffer from PTSD and trauma-related conditions. The TRC offers psychological assessment services as well as individual therapy programs that are evidence-based, meaning that our approaches are supported by research and rooted in science.

The TRC Director is Dr. Anka Vujanovic, a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of PTSD and co-occurring conditions. Dr. Vujanovic provides clinical supervision to doctoral students in clinical psychology, who serve as the direct treatment providers for most clients.

Specialty Services

Psychological Evaluation

The TRC specializes in the psychological assessment of PTSD and related conditions. We use “gold standard” evaluation tools and provide comprehensive reports that can be used to more accurately guide treatment options.

Treatment of PTSD and Trauma-Related Conditions

The TRC specializes in the evidence-based treatment of PTSD and other trauma-related conditions, such as depression or anxiety stemming from a traumatic life experience. At the TRC, we understand that each individual struggling with PTSD, depression, or anxiety following a traumatic life experience is unique and at a different point in their recovery process. While some may be actively seeking symptom relief, others may simply want more information about their condition(s), while still others may wish to learn new coping skills. As issues of trust are common among individuals coping with trauma-related psychological conditions, we provide a safe, confidential environment wherein we provide support and evidence-based care. We offer prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy, treatment programs with demonstrated efficacy for the treatment of PTSD. We also offer mindfulness- and acceptance-based therapeutic approaches as well as skills-based work to help individuals to better regulate emotions, engage with the present moment, and practice self-compassion

Treatment of PTSD and Substance Use

The TRC specializes in the treatment of PTSD and co-occurring conditions, namely substance use disorders. Historically, individuals struggling with PTSD and substance use problems were treated via the sequential model, whereby they were asked to “get clean and sober” via specialized addiction treatment services prior to embarking upon PTSD treatment. However, decades of research have demonstrated that the sequential model is often ineffective, since individuals face great challenges in maintaining abstinence from alcohol or drugs if their PTSD symptoms are not treated. The sequential model often leads to high rates of relapse to alcohol and drug use and low rates of PTSD treatment engagement. At the TRC, we believe in the integrated model of care, wherein both PTSD and substance use disorders are treated together “at the same time.” The integrated model is supported by research and often leads to greater treatment success for both conditions.


As per the goals of the TaSSC, the TRC offers psychological assessment and treatment services on a sliding fee scale. Prior to initiating services, the TRC staff will discuss the fee schedule with each patient. Our fees are based on each individual's income and ability to pay.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion." – Dalai Lama