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General Resources

In response to the recent international protests against racism and police brutality, the University of Houston Clinical Psychology Program Diversity Committee has compiled the following resources to share.

How can I educate myself?

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For providers:

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Ending Police Brutality


Black History Literature/Videos

Relevant Research

  • Comas-Díaz, L. (2016). Racial trauma recovery: A race-informed therapeutic approach to racial wounds. In A. N. Alvarez, C. T. H. Liang, & H. A. Neville (Eds.), Cultural, racial, and ethnic
    psychology book series. The cost of racism for people of color: Contextualizing experiences of
    discrimination (p. 249–272). American Psychological Association.
  • French, B. H., Lewis, J. A., Mosley, D. V., Adames, H. Y., Chavez-Duenas, N. Y., Chen, G. A., Neville, H.
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  • Hargons, C., Mosley, D., Falconer, J., Faloughi, R., Singh, A., Stevens-Watkins, D., & Cokley, K. (2017).
    Black lives matter: A call to action for counseling psychology leaders. The Counseling
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  • Nadal, K. L., Griffin, K. E., Wong, Y., Hamit, S., & Rasmus, M. (2014). The impact of racial
    microaggressions on mental health: Counseling implications for clients of color. Journal of
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  • Sue, D. W. (2017). The Challenges of Becoming a White Ally. The Counseling Psychologist , 45 (5), 706–716. Sue, D. W., Capodilupo, C. M., & Holder, A. M. B. (2008). Racial microaggressions in the life experience of Black Americans. Professional
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Mental Health and Other Supportive Resources

Mental Health Resource List for Students of Color

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