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Kaylee Litson


Assistant Professor

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Biographical Summary

Dr. Kaylee Litson is an interdisciplinary quantitative psychologist with expertise in multimethod longitudinal statistical methods and latent interaction effects. They use structural equation modeling, mixture distribution modeling, and psychometric theories to evaluate constructively defined latent variable models within the context of psychology, education, and health. Dr. Litson’s focus on constructively defined latent variable models translates into how they develop novel methods, test current methods, and apply methods to answer substantive questions, guided by knowledge that even seemingly minor differences in the mathematical construction of a latent variable model can lead to differences in interpretation. Dr. Litson emphasizes the use of both statistical and substantive theories to guide statistical model construction, evaluation, application, and interpretation. Presently, Dr. Litson’s research areas include:

  • Latent interaction effects across combinations of binary, categorical, and continuous moderating variables
  • Multimethod design and analysis within the context of longitudinal assessment
  • Statistical methods for examining between- and within-person longitudinal processes

In addition to their quantitative research areas, Dr. Litson has substantive interests in educational, social, and cognitive psychology. They are currently working on projects examining how graduate students’ skill development predicts career outcomes, and the extent to which cognitive load measurements are valid and reliable within and across individuals over time.


  • 2019, Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology, Utah State University (USU)