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Bradley Brummel, Ph.D.



Director of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program

Office: Heyne 129B

Biographical Summary

Bradley Brummel is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston. He received his Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Brummel is currently the Past President of the Society for Psychologists in Leadership. He is interested in leader development, leader identity and identity integration. Brad also works with clients as a coach using assessments and narrative techniques.


  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.A. in Psychology, Calvin University

Research Interests

  • Training and Development
    • Professional Ethics | Leadership | Cyber Security Awareness & Hygiene
    • Narrative Coaching | Simulations & Role Plays | Program Evaluation
  • Employee Engagement and Well-being
    • Job Satisfaction and Job (in)Security | Workplace Mindfulness | Meaningful Work
    • Sexual Harassment | Occupational Intimidation | Demographics and Inclusion
  • Personality in the Workplace
    • Identity Integration | Obligation & Entitlement | Dark Personality
    • Personality Development | Personnel Selection | Talent Identification & Development


  • Leading and Organizations

Affiliations and Links

Selected Publications 

  • Osborn, S. A., Brummel, B. J., & Walton, H. R. (2023). Trainer perspectives on personality-based group training: Learning objectives, training outcomes, and best practice recommendations. Consulting Psychology Journal. Advance online publication.

  • Dalal, R. S., Howard, D. J., Bennett, R. J., Posey, C., Zaccaro, S. J., & Brummel, B. J. (2022) Organizational science and cybersecurity: Abundant opportunities for research at the interface. Journal of Business and Psychology, 37, 1-29.  

  • Shoss, M. K., Brummel, B. J., Probst, T. M., & Jiang, L. (2020). The joint importance of secure and satisfying work: Insights from three studies. Journal of Business and Psychology, 35, 297-316.

  • Brummel, B. J., & Parker, K. A. (2015). Obligation and entitlement in society and the workplace. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 64, 127-160.

  • Dane, E. & Brummel, B. J. (2014). Examining workplace mindfulness and its relations to job performance and turnover intention. Human Relations, 67, 105-128.

  • Nye, C. D., Brummel, B. J., & Drasgow, F. (2014). Understanding sexual harassment using aggregate construct models. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 1204-1221.