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Daniel Palazzolo (MA)


Position: Professor of Political Science & Department Chair

Employer: University of Richmond

Current City: Richmond, VA

Please tell us about your job

I am a Professor of Political Science at the University of Richmond, where I teach courses on American government, Congress, public policy, and campaigns and elections. My research focuses mainly on congressional leadership, coalition building and budget politics. As department chair, I also do a lot of administrative work and as Co-Director of the John Marshall Center for International Statesmanship manage a grant that affords a post-doctoral resident and a speaker series.

What motivated you to obtain an M.A. in political science?

I received my BA from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where a professor suggested that I apply for graduate school to the University of Houston. I wanted to be a college professor and Houston had a very strong reputation in American politics.

What are the links between your political science studies and your career?

While at Houston, I met Professor Ross Lence, the most outstanding teacher I have ever met, who inspired me to focus on political theory. Dr. Lence was my thesis advisor the MA degree. I also had a chance to co-author a conference paper with Dr. James Stimson. Ultimately, I decided to get my PhD at the University of Virginia, but I learned a great deal about research and teaching at the UH.

Do you have any advice for students who aspire to hold a job like yours?

My advice to graduate students is to find at least one mentor, stay determined, and enjoy your area of study!