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Final Requirements

Capstone Problem Project

PUBL 6325
(Required course)

This course represents the culmination of graduate work in the MPA program. This course permits the student to demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge acquired in their core and specialization courses. Each student is expected to formulate and analyze a real issue of public administration, organization, or policy; to examine alternative solutions or procedures; and to make independent and specific recommendations dealing with the issue.

Students should submit project proposal to the Director prior to commencing his or her project, as projects are subject to approval by the Director.

MPA Comprehensive Exam

Download Exam Instructions

At or near the completion of course work, students are asked to demonstrate their familiarity with the literature in the field and their ability to apply it to problems of public administration in a one-day exam. This exam is typically taken during, or immediately following, the last semester of course work.


Determined in consultation with advisor. The internship requirement is designed for those who have not had a full time work experience in private, public, or non-profit sector.

(No credit)

Requirements for Graduation

  • Apply for graduation via myUH
  • Completed the required 38 credit hours (MPA cores and three electives)
  • Pass MPA comprehensive exam
  • Complete internship if it is applied
  • Satisfy GPA 3.0 or above
  • Register for at least one course during the semester you plan to graduate.
  • Completing the degree within 5 years