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Certificate Requirements

Specific Coursework

The required two courses:

  • POLC6314 Statistical Methods for Policy Research I
  • PUBL6350 Public Management

The two other coursework required for this certificate

The third course: one from the following POLC courses

  • POLC 6311 Leadership and Development
  • POLC 6312 Public Finance
  • POLC 6313 Policy Analysis I: Microeconomics
  • POLC 6315 Policy Research Methods II: Multivariate Analysis
  • POLC 6330 Philosophy and Public Policy I
  • POLC 6331 Philosophy and Public Policy II

The fourth course: one from the following PUBL courses

  • PUBL 6310 Administrative Theory
  • PUBL 6311 Public Administration and Policy Implementation
  • PUBL 6342 Budgeting for Public Agencies
  • PUBL 6415 Decision Science in Public Affairs

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Public Administration Sample Plan

Fall, Year 1


POLC 6314 Policy Research Methods I: Introduction to Statistics


PUBL 6310 Administrative Theory



Spring, Year 1


POLC 6315 Policy Research Methods II: Multivariate Analysis


PUBL 6350 Public Management



Total Credits



*In addition to these specific courses, students can petition the Hobby School and the MPA Program to include other courses. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will require the consent of the Hobby School Director of Graduate Studies, MPA Director, and the applicable department where the course is offered.