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Specific Coursework

  • The required semester hours for the dual degrees for the MPA and the Law Center.
    • Requires a total of 101 semester credit hours if you start with JD courses.
    • Requires a total of 109 semester credit hours if you start with MPA courses.

      According to the American Bar Association, the Law Center’s accrediting authority:

      Credit for a J.D. degree shall only be given for course work taken after the student has matriculated in a law school’s J.D. program of study, (except for credit that may be granted pursuant to Standard 505. A law school may not grant credit toward the for work taken in a pre-admission program.) See Standard 311(d).

      Therefore, credit cannot be given for non-law coursework that was completed prior to matriculating into law school.

    • Please note that separately, the total hours for both degrees would be 128 hours or at least another year.

  • Upon completion of all requirements for both degrees, 12 hours from the Law Center will be applied to the MPA, and up to 15 credit hours from the MPA Program will be applied to the law degree.