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Suggested Courses for the LAST Minor, Spring 2016

Art/Art History

  • ARTH 3314 (Art of Latin America) (R. Koontz, Course #18110) W 2:30-4:00pm, FA 110.
    The course is taught as a hybrid, and requires several trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to view and research Latin American art. There is also a significant web component.
  • ARTH 4394 Art & Urban Society Latino America [R. Tejada]: 10:00-01:00 M 106-FA
    "The course examines visual art produced between 1965-2010 in the urban centers of São Paulo, Mexico City, and Los Angeles, connecting subjects, locations, and episodes in the contemporary visual cultures of Brazil, Mexico, and Latino USA. With an approach that links practices, urban narratives, and situations of exchange, this open history of Latino American art makes dynamic comparisons by joining abrupt storylines to provoke a broader and deeper understanding of the American hemisphere’s image environment. Topics include: contemporary Brazilian photographers who blur the boundaries between documentary, photo¬journal¬ism, and art photography; Mexico City artistic practices and public cultures of the 1980s and 1990s in view of neoliberalism; as well as the 1960s-1970s civil rights movement, countercultures and art forms in the urban geography of Los Angeles."


  • HIST 2372 Latin American History since 1820 - Milanesio TTh 530-730
  • HIST 3376 Caribbean History - Howard TTH 10-1130
  • HIST 4369 Modern Mexico: 1810 to present - Hart TTH 1130-1
  • HIST 3396 Energy Crisis in Latin America - Wintersteen MW 230-4
  • HIST 4365 Women in Latin America - Milanesio TTH 230-4
  • HIST 4396 Mexico in Global Perspectivs - Hart TTH 230-4
  • HIST 4396 Waters and Oceans capstone - Wintersteen W 530-830

Political Science

  • POLS 3322 Introduction to Latin American Politics - Prof. Aleman T and TH 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, in C106.