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Bailey Stone
Professor Emeritus

Bailey Stone

Phone: (713) 743-3115
Office: Agnes Arnold Hall
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Dr. Stone is a scholar of French and European history.  His research focused initially upon the ancien régime and revolutionary period in France, and in particular on the parlements and other high courts of law in the eighteenth century, and on French diplomacy in that era.   More recently, Dr. Stone has been reexamining the causes, process, and consequences of social revolution in England, France, and Russia.   Dr. Stone received his Ph. D. from Princeton.  He has taught at the University of Houston since 1975.  Dr.  Stone has chaired and/or served on numerous University, College, and Department committees.  He has also for many years convened the Caucus of Europeanists in the Department; in that capacity, he led the effort in the 1980s and 1990s to restructure the European History Program in the Department, and he continues to assist the Department’s Chair in planning course offerings in this field of studies.  Dr. Stone founded the Undergraduate Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the international History Honor Society, and continues to serve as Faculty Advisor to both the Undergraduate and Graduate Chapters of Phi Alpha Theta.  He established (and continues to coordinate) both the History Department’s Faculty/Graduate Student Research Colloquium and the Greater Houston-Area History Consortium.  He has won numerous prizes and fellowships over the years, including a Woodrow Wilson Faculty Fellowship at Princeton and a Pratt Research Fellowship at the University of Houston.


Dr. Stone has taught a variety of undergraduate courses in European history that include Western Civilization From 1500 to the Present; France, 1750-1815; French Revolutionary Research and Historiography; and Comparative European Revolutions: England, France, and Russia.  His offerings in graduate studies include European Historiography from 1600 to the Present; The French Revolution; Eighteenth-Century and Revolutionary Europe; and The Professional Historian.

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Research Interests

Dr. Stone has published five books; a sixth book, tentatively entitled Five Essays on the Great European Revolutions: Revolutionary Theory, Historiography, and Events, will be submitted by 2015 to Cambridge University Press.  He has also published articles in many historical journals including Eighteenth-Century Studies, French Historical Studies, and the Journal of Modern History.

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Selected Publications


  • The Parlement of Paris, 1774-1789 (The University of North Carolina Press, 1981).

  • The French Parlements and the Crisis of the Old Regime (The University of North Carolina Press, 1986)

  • The Genesis of The French Revolution: A Global-Historical Interpretation (Cambridge University Press, 1994).

  • Reinterpreting The French Revolution: A Global-Historical Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2002).

  • The Anatomy of Revolution Revisited: A Comparative Analysis of England, France, and Russia (Cambridge University Press, 2014).


  • "The Old Regime in Decay: Judicial Reform and the Senior Parlementaires at Paris, 1783-84. Studies In Burke And His Time 16 (Spring 1975): 245-59.

  • "Robe Against Sword: The Parlement of Paris and the French Aristocracy, 1774-1789." French Historical Studies 9 (Fall 1975): 278-303.

  • “Conservatism and Radicalism in the Paris Parlement, 1774-1789.”  Journal of Modern History 49 (September 1977): 1307-27.