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Dean's Grants

CLASS Faculty, Staff and Student Grants and Awards

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is continuing its support for faculty, staff and students by implementing new funding opportunities that are awarded by the dean of CLASS. Outlined below are four new initiatives aimed at furthering the support for curricular development, recognizing distinguished faculty, supplementing non-tenure track faculty and staff professional development and contributing to student academic and scholarly endeavors. 

Curricular Development Grant

The CLASS Curricular Development Grant is intended to fund and support new courses that promote the curricular goals of the department, program and/or college. This is not intended to serve individual professional course development. This is separate from funding allocated to departments or funds available from offices outside the College. The maximum amount of the award is $1,000.

Curricular Development Grant schedule:

Earliest Submission Date: February 1st

Applications Due: March 1st

Notification of Award: May 1st


CLASS Distinguished Faculty Award

Purpose of the Award

This award recognizes senior faculty for a national and internationally known innovative and transformative body of scholarship/creative works, coupled with the strong promise of continuing excellence. Candidates for this award must have achieved preeminence in their field. This is a one-time award to honor stellar scholarly production in the areas of research, scholarship or creative contributions.

Award Description

  • Up to 3 faculty are recognized annually: 2 faculty in the humanities discipline and 1 in the social sciences discipline
  • Award: $10,000 one-time award

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligibility: Associate/Full Professors preferred

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominations must be made by the department chair.
  • Chairs may submit only one nominee and are strongly encouraged to put forth the strongest candidate.

Nomination Materials and Submission Procedure

  • Compile the following nomination materials in the order listed below into a single PDF application file:
  1. Chair’s nomination letter (≤4 pages) to include:
    1. Nominee name, rank and date of faculty appointment at UH
    2. Summary of nominee’s qualifications, as well as specific examples; evidence will vary by discipline but may include publications, performances, inventions, etc. since promotion to associate or full professor.
    3. Other recognition of nominee, especially by disciplinary organizations and external agencies, should be highlighted.
    4. Clear explanations of how the nominee’s accomplishments represent a standard of excellence for this award
  2. Nominee’s curriculum vitae
    1. Submit with nominee's application packet. See application form for instructions.

CLASS Submission Deadline:

  • February 1

Evaluation and Selection Process

A multidisciplinary committee of senior faculty will review the nomination packages. The following items will be evaluated and rated based on persuasiveness of arguments for merit and evidence of the nominee’s outstanding accomplishments:

  • Nomination letter
  • CV

Announcement of Award Recipients

The Dean will publicly announce the award recipients and present the award at the CLASS Fall Faculty Meeting and the Spring Faculty Meeting.




Nominations due from the Chair to the Dean February 1
Review of nominees’ applications March 1
Announcement of award recipients March/April 

If you have any questions, please contact Associate Professor Sally Connolly:

Download Application

CLASS Dean’s Administrative Internship Program

We invite applications for the CLASS Dean’s Administrative Internship program.

This new initiative is designed to mentor CLASS faculty at the associate professor rank interested in administrative roles through a year-long internship in the CLASS Dean’s Office. Successful candidates will be granted a reduced service load at other levels, with details to be determined through discussions between the dean, the candidate and the candidate’s department chair. Some previous administrative experience at the departmental level (Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, etc.) is expected from applicants.

Successful applicants will undergo practical training, gaining insight into several college-level committees (for example, the executive committee, the undergraduate studies committee and the scholarship committee) and attend a budget education session. In the second semester, each intern will be given a substantial college level task to administer, such as coordinating an internship program, administering an award or organizing a major event. A report on this experience will be required by the last day of class, and the Dean’s Office will award a certificate of completion.

Please send a cover letter explaining your interest in college-level administration as well as a current cv to Sally Connolly, Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Success ( by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 27th 2022. There will be in-person interviews for candidates that proceed to the second round, and a final determination will be made over the summer session so that successful candidates can take up their internship in the fall of 2022.

Mladenka-Fowler Scholarship

The Beatrice Mladenka-Fowler and Jesse C. Fowler Endowed Scholarship is awarded on a rolling basis to CLASS students. Please read the scholarship criteria and donor story below before filling out the application.



This is a need-based scholarship with preference given to first-generation CLASS students. In addition to providing the information on the application form, the applicant must submit a short statement about their unanticipated financial need and educational goals. The scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grants in conjunction with this scholarship up to the cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation and personal expenses. The scholarship award is renewable, provided the recipient continues to meet the criteria.

Donor Story

Beatrice and Jesse grew up on farms in Texas and met while attending college at The University of Texas at Austin in the early 1970s. Both received financial help from government loans, scholarships and grants, without which it would have been very difficult to attend. After moving to Houston, Jesse initially worked as a geologist for Houston companies and then started an oil and gas exploration partnership with other geologists. Beatrice taught school, obtained two post-graduate degrees at the University of Houston and practiced law. Jesse and Beatrice are both avid readers and love to travel to new places.